Targeting Pricing- Sunday should be considered a weekend!

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I have told this to nearly every phone rep I have spoken to over the past 2 years- I bet at least 8 times. Nothing. 
I am in the event services industry, and many of my leads deal with weddings. THIS DEALS WITH EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY- flowers, DJs, event spaces, catering, equipment rental, photographers, videographers, etc, etc, etc!!! 
Probably around 60-70% of our leads are on Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, in our industry, pricing then comes down significantly Monday-Thursday for off-day events (and even Friday, in some markets).
Currently, targeting preferences only allow "weekends" ie. Friday/Saturday, and then Sunday-Thursday. This means, because of the targeting, I have to price a Sunday wedding (VERY popular day) the same as any cheap weekday event. This needs to be changed, especially with the new targeting rollout!