Fellow PRO's .....COVID-19 is not the only threat we face !!!!

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 I have been a TOP PRO for years in fact Ive been in the top 5 for over 4 years and held the #1 SPOTLIGHT in the BAY AREA for 2015 ( PLUMBING/HANDYMAN ) .....and now Im staying home (cant get sick I WILL DIE ) . 4 weeks have passed and my business doesnt even show up and I have over 425 five star reviews . I would call on a regular basis about the cost to quote costs quickly rising and how this was not sitting well with me and others I would read about complaining about the rising costs  . For example in the beginning we would pay for credits ( 2013/ 14 ) at around $1.67 a credit ......so I would pay less than $6.00 to quote on a WATER HEATER installation ........ NOW IT COSTS upwards of $89.00 to quote on a WATER HEATER installation ......that is approaching 20% of the amount earned potentially from the job . If you factor in in traffic time which is not charged to the client , fuel , and wear and tear and basic material costs for said job .....you are practically doing the job for FREE . THUMBTACK may not be sustainable at this rate .....the costs for all aspects of the plumbing work I do has gone up almost 3 fold in the past 18 months ........VERY FRUSTRATED AND ITS SAD . Get told there are coaches and to sign up for various programs that would decimate a PRO's bank account in a matter of a few weeks . God help us .....I do not think THUMBTACK will !! STAY WELL ......


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