When will Thumbtack allow hourly rates for Targeting?

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Let's say I charge $100 an hour for DJ services (I charge more than that but for the sake of simple math) - so $300 for a 3-hour job and $900 for a 9-hour job - the instant targeting will automatically match me with a 9-hour job for $300. There is no way to stop this from occurring now because targeting doesn't work with hourly rates, and thumbtack customer service will not refund you if this happens... because this was happening so frequently I had to block out anything under $700 and anything under 4 hours because I didn’t want to be incorrectly matched and I was advised by customer service to just go after the big leads (even though I now miss out on 60% of leads that would match my criteria if thumbtack had a better system).  I would love the opportunity to say yes to 4-hour gigs that are willing to pay the $400, and not be charged when someone wants 10 hours 300 bucks... when will Thumbtack improve this?