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I Want To Turn Targeting Off

I am unable to turn Targeting off..... without lying about the reason I want to turn it off. And if my reason is not shown in the many choices, I am not allowed to leave this area of the Thumbtack software. I should have the right to t... Read more
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Learn > Targeting

How does Rank Boost for Pros who use Promote actually work when we are never told our rank?

It is like the emperors new clothes. Tell me my rank and I will wear it with pride. There is no Pro out there who knows their rank. Hard to promise vapor-ranking.
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Learn > Targeting

Disadvantages with Promote Off - and troubles for consumers

I have discovered that not using Promote does in fact put you at a disadvantage as you do not get top ranking on the pros selection screen, but the disadvantages are much deeper than that - descending into the depths of what I call unf... Read more
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