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2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

2019 has been quite a year for pros on Thumbtack. We introduced new product features for pros, like Price Assurance. Thumbtack employees connected in person with hundreds of pros at events from Atlanta to Los Angeles. And millions of customers brought their projects to Thumbtack. 

As we wind down the year, we’re excited to bring the first ever Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco (Thumbtack’s CEO) to the Pro Community. Earlier this month, Marco asked you to submit your questions for our first ever Pro Town Hall. We received over 300 submissions, with topics ranging from leads and advertising plans to why background checks are important. And of course, we recorded the answers.

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

Thanks. good info I have one more request you consider. we have been top pros on  and off for years. What about another level for those of us that JUST missed the mark. another badge we can use for example. "Top pro 5 out of the last 6 years or something like that. OR  some name like top pro but just below that. we have the reviews and the length of service we missed it slightly by spped of reply to customer.

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

Refunding was goodSmiley Happy I was getting charged like crazy and not hired. Only issue I have is that people want to spend half of our market value for jobs and there should be an hourly minimum set on jobs or our craft is devalued. $300 bucks for a 6hr wedding is crazy, $600 is what I pay to my staff and $1200 $2000 I charge the client. DJ shouldnt be less than $100/hr.

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

prices Need to go down , same with amount of contractors home owners can reach out to because we pay basically same price for lead just compete more with other contractors
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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

I agree completely with pricing being outrageous.  I had a past customer that put in a request for a job and I recognized the name.  The new lead price was 500% more than I paid not even two years ago!  On average 300%-600% more for leads than what I used to pay and a lot of customers are just fishing for pricing.  

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

I wonder what justification TT would give for this enormous price increase ? For example the airline industry will tell you that fares must increase due to higher fuel costs and higher labor costs. What reasons will TT offer to explain these increases. I realize some lead prices went down but I believe the aggregate change is in fact an increase overall
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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

2018-2019 TT price increases stopped the show for us. Our net profit after fullfilling the project would not allow for the cost of the leads. We are on the side lines watching for future direction. 

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

Dear Marco,

We appreciate the perspective. I would encorage you and Thumbtack to consider doing something like this a bit more often. Not everyone likes change but the context your provided was invaluable.

While the likes of Yelp, HomeGuide and Angie's List all seem to want to be in your space, Thumbtack far and away consistently provides the highest quality leads.

Chuck and Luciana 

The Balanced K-9

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

OMG!!  How can you NOT understand how important it is to background check ALL pro’s?

By NOT doing this, you open the door for scam artists to make their way into TT.  Just one national news article on a TV show like Dateline, or 20/20 of someone getting ripped off by a Thumbtack Pro….does a lot of damage to the entire company’s reputation. And a lot of money will have to be spent on advertising and public relations to earn back the lost trust.

I’ve been w/TT since 2013 [ 400+ hires, 200+ reviews, 2,000+ bids sent out, OK?].

A few years ago a lead came in from another platform. It was to finish an abandoned kitchen renovation. The job-poster had found a Thumbtack Pro who took her deposit, did a little work and vanished. I referred her to the MarketPlace Integrity Team in Salt Lake.

I object to your referring to the Job-Posters as customers. The people watching this video are the real customer’s.

Now: If TT was to be more transparent, and really hammer into the heads of the Job-Posters…that ONLY Top Pro’s have undergone a background check….that makes it even more difficult for new Pro’s who have not been with TT long enough to earn Top Pro status. It becomes a sort of automatic “black mark” against any rookie who is being compared to a Top Pro.  How is that fair?

Next: Would it really kill you to have the Job-Posters enter the Star-rating twice, for the purpose of confirmation when posting a review? Of my 230+ reviews, around 16 are four star, but for some of them the text reads like five-star, so my best guess is the job-poster was fumble fingered on their phone.

Reese Turbin, Dec 17, 2019

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Re: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco

I think that some consumers are just stingey with five star reviews as they feel a five star review is exclusively for exceptional performance of the respective task and a four star review is still good review.

All profiles indicate whether a pro has completed a background check, so it's kind of up to the customer to put forth a little due dilligence as to whom they allow in their homes and who their comfortable working with. Many pros just dont want to provide that information to multiple online venues and Thumbtack would be a fool to turn away the business of pros that elect not to provide that information.

I have several competitors that do not have the same Top Pro badge that I have, but they definitely get more hires and more reviews because they are much more dilligent and/or have a bigger budget. Unlike many pros, I like that certain variables are up to the pro having a good sales approach, but I can definitely agree that the lack of a Top Pro badge can work against a pro with the proposed platform.