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$500 Contest?

hello Thumbtack corporate:

Many years ago; my Dad taught me a real important lesson. I think he was the first person in his family to graduate high school. He worked his way through college and medical school and became a private practice Radiologist.

He maintained an associate professor status at a local medical school. He was there one day a week for most of his career. He liked to teach. But there was this other thing he explained to me. The Residents in Radiology would keep him sharp. He had to justify and explain a diagnosis or back down, they would sometimes challenge him.

During the week, at the hospital, none of the other Doctors would challenge him. It was always "you're the Radiologist...if that's what you say...then that's what it is".

Among the community of Thumbtack Pro's: There is a staggering level of: Frustration, Distrust, Suspicion, Resentment, etc. Many Pro's are scrambling, or working very hard to source business from other places.

The Holiday Card and Bumper sticker from Marco for the Top Pros was too little too late. A lame gesture, not even in time for the holidays, but arriving about the same time as the credit card bills for the holiday season.

Now, Corporate tosses us this contest? In my opinion, the $500 best customer story is a distraction, a diversion. Only one winner? Credit instead of cash? I'm sure all 200,000 of us have a favorite customer story.  Seems like a lot of work to wade through and judge all those entries.

My own personal morale regarding Thumbtack is sad and bad. I know I am not alone in my feelings.

In the Facebook Group that I administrate (an unofficial group of TT Pro's) I am seeing posts about Pro's receiving rude and unprofessional treatment from Phone Support. I suspect that many Pro's are so unhappy, they are calling support...and being abusive themselves....and after so much abuse...the Phone Support people are becoming unprofessional themselves.

So: When Top Pro's who have had success with Thumbtack...get in your face with complaints...I wish corporate would be a little more responsive and less defensive. Perhaps in this community, instead of arbitrarily deleting posts, you ask the poster to reword the post or remove it? If TT-Corporate over-censors, people will just post their complaints elsewhere on the internet. We all know there are plenty of public websites to do that without censorship.

We are not the ones in control. But we are the ones paying to bid, paying for contacts. If it is not a good ROI...we are not going to keep paying.

Reese T.  Jan 24, 2019

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Re: $500 Contest?

Thanks for your feedback @ReeseTee. The contest is a fun way for us to collect stories from pros, learn more about their business and their customers. Pros should not feel obligated to participate if they don't want to, but it's there for pros who do and we appreciate any involvement. 

The only time we remove a post is if it violates our Community Guidelines, which you can read about here. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, I'm more than happy to elaborate and give any further explanation. 

We pride ourselves on our support team and our commitment to helping pros succeed on Thumbtack. If any pro has a bad experience, we definitely want to hear about it. We want to make sure pros are getting the best experience possible. 

If you don't feel like you're getting good ROI on Thumbtack, let's talk about how we can turn that around.  We're happy to take a closer look at your account and give you some advice. If you have any specific feedback about changes you'd like to see us implement, we're all ears! I want you to have a good experience with Thumbtack and I'm happy to help with whatever I can. 

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Re: $500 Contest?


Feedback? How to make things better?  

How about the cost of the contact right up front? No having to drill down, or do additional clicks, when I see that email in my in box.

The "Pro's contacted" that number is so misleading, and inaccurate. How about you get rid of that, or at least make it accurate? The data on the Pro's we are competing with, when we do send a message, it used to be accurate and that is gone...could you bring back that data?

I am not following the logic: It used to be; on our TT Profiles, we could have a URL to our own website.  TT took that away. BUT, we are allowed to have a link to our Business Profile on Facebook. So; if a savvy job-poster wants to find us, and end run Thumbtack, there is an easy path.  So why did TT remove the link to our business website, but allow the link to the Facebook Profile to remain?

How about you incentivize the job-posting population to leave reviews? Some sort of random drawing with a lot of winners?

How about you do something about bad reviews where work was never done, no face to face contact ever occured, and no money was earned, but money was spent on a bid, or a contact charge...and the Pro gets a bad review from a mental case or unethical competitor?

Vague Leads: I am not paying to reach out on a vague lead. So if you want me to spend more, give me more detailed leads.  Why don't you put that one on your next survey of Pro's.  

The inconsistant behavior regarding rules. For example; one week I bid on something...and I get a message "Locked out, 5 bids have been sent"  A week later, I bid on a similar lead, and get a message "Locked out, 16 bids already sent"   You know what would be really cool? Why don't you ask the job-poster how many responses they want? And give them responses up to that stipulated number?

I signed up with TT in 2013. I have 300+ hires, and 200+ reviews. Just about every change over the last couple of years, has made me, and thousands of other Pro's very unhappy. WHY AREN'T YOU GETTING THAT????

That's a start.    Reese T. Jan 24, 2019


Re: $500 Contest?

@ReeseTee As you've pointed out, you have accomplished so much with Thumbtack, with so many great reviews, hires, customers, experiences, and photos to go along with it. We believe and have confidence that if you could find such success on the previous system and work through all the changes that were made to it, then you can see even further success with search results. This new system was a big goal of ours and so far it's showing more sustainability for both customers and pros. That said, we're far from done and understand that there are improvements that need to be made, which is why we are so big on feedback. Adjustments will always take time as we recognize areas that need solving and work to come up with solutions and then implement them. We're happy to pass along certain feedback of yours here as necessary, however, I wanted to touch on a few of these questions you've raised. 

After testing many different options our teams found that the placing of where we put prices was the best option for now. I'll let our teams know that you wish to have them even more up front. 

The number of pros contacted will be accurate at the time your viewing it, but will be subject to change as pros quickly send out quotes and customers reach out to pros. Though I’ll make sure to point out your opinions on it. The old stats that were shown are no longer relevant in the new system when viewing a singular job, however, some components of them were brought into your overall insights page.

Pros can still list their website link in their profile along with their social media. I specifically checked to see that yours is still listed and customers will be able to access it directly once you've begun a conversation. I'll pass along your thoughts about showing it before a conversation has started. 

We do prompt customers throughout the process to leave a review, but it's ultimately up to them. Although incentivizing could be good suggestion, I could see that then becoming a question of customers leaving reviews because they genuinely want to on their own, rather than just to get a prize. If pros would like to try out their own incentivizing program for reviews with their customers then they can do so. Once a contact has been established customers will be able to leave a review based on any experience they've had with a pro even if that's just from a conversation that's taken place. We have a review policy that you can be found HERE, and if a review violates that policy then pros should reach out through our support channels for assistance in the matter. 

As I've mentioned our teams are constantly working to improve the pro and customer experiences. Providing more accurate leads and asking the customers the right questions is one big component that we're working to improve and implement as we do research and gather feedback.  

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Re: $500 Contest?

My apologies to all the TT Pro's. The Facebook URL loophole that I pointed out, has now been closed.

That is my bad. I'm sorry.  It did not take them very long to fix that one. Wonder why.  Reese T. Jan 25, 2019


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Re: $500 Contest?


Thanks for posting! I feel the same as you. I am not going to participate in a video contest either, especially for Thumbtack credit. We all have a unique story, so how can one be chosen as the best? If they are having any contests, there should be several prizes, maybe 5th place, 4th place, etc. Give an incentive.  And as you said, I feel it's a distraction from all the negative feedback being given by many Pros, not just a handful. You aren't alone in your feelings. Many pros feel the same as you, but may be afraid to comment for fear of having their comments deleted or edited.

As you said, they should stop being on the defensive, and instead help us with improvements of this new system. Sure, we get told our feedbacks are being forwarded, and in my case, it's been a couple of months now. But have they really been forwarded on, and if so, how much longer do we have to wait for changes to occur. And with that said, changes occurring should be told to us before implementing the changes. I'm tired of surprises, especially those that are not beneficial to my business, and I'm sure that you feel the same way.

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Re: Chance to win $500: Video Contest

I responded to this contest with an email. I received a message that It was wrong
Place to send an email, so I sent it to help desk. I’m going to share it below,
I would like to get some of your thoughts ? ????

Below is an email that I thought I was replying to Lydia H. In response to an email sent out regarding a top story contest. Apparently I replied to wrong address. So I am now forwarding to you. I hope that it gets to the right individual. Thank you

I would love to enter this contest. I have been associated with Thumbtack for several years, seven, to be exact. I have been a thumbtack Mentor, I have also referred several professionals to Thumbtack all for credits. I have fabulous stories, however, if I were to win, (not saying I would) it would take me years to use $ 500 in credits, since my business is established and I don’t have many Time slots for new customers. Why not consider giving prize awards in cash as an option??? Let’s be honest, to create a video and put it on YouTube, all takes time and time is money, also it is free advertising for Thumbtack, as well as, all of the mentoring and refereeing I have done. Which in turn, makes Thumbtack more money. I would prefer cash awards instead of credits, which I’m pretty sure several professionals feel the same way.
Please share your thoughts,
Thank you for taking time to read my email.
Lee Anne Burroughs
Beachy Clean Cleaners, LLC
“Our Reputation is Spotless “

Re: Chance to win $500: Video Contest

I responded as well, regarding the massive free advertising this was, as well, and my response was removed!