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ADA Compliance Issue?

I just received an email from TT asking me to do a survey.. I was amazed at the choice of color on the font. (see attached) With my generally good eyesight I had a bit of trouble reading it. I showed it to my wife who has much poorer eyesight and she simply said "I would delete that without even reading it - I can't see it at all"

TT--- this one cant wait the typical months or more to implement fixes... you owe it to your pros to not have to strain to read your emails. In fact, you may want to check the ADA laws (Title III) to make sure all of your emails, websites, etc are compliant. I do not know if this is or is not in compliance, but I do know it is a poor choice of font color at a minimum.



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Moderator taylor

Re: ADA Compliance Issue?

@MR Thanks for sharing you and your wife's concerns about our recent survey email. I'll get this feedback in right away. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. 

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Re: ADA Compliance Issue?

Same issue with highlighting unread notifications in app. Can barely tell what’s highlighted. Have to angle my phone to see the difference. I pointed this out a while ago.

Re: ADA Compliance Issue?

@MR What's ADA? Google only shows Asst. District Attorney.

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Re: ADA Compliance Issue?

Americans with Disabilities Act
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Re: ADA Compliance Issue?

ADA is American Disability Act. It lays out the laws concerning what a business must be in compliance with to accommodate disabilities. 

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