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Please, I need some clarification and truthfulness.

Is there another change that occurred that I'm not aware of? I'm not seeing local jobs in my jobs feed anymore. They are all 2+ hours away. Why would I accept jobs under $300 when I have to travel, book hotel if I have to, etc? Prior to yesterday, I was receiving those local jobs, even knowing that a customer reached out to 1 or more Pro. It gave me the chance to be personable and competitive at same time. Why was that taken away? Are we being forced to use Promote? It seems that way, as after chatting with an on line rep earlier, the only way for local jobs to come into my jobs feed is to have Promote on.


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@DJStevie this is the same change that we've discussed in other threads that I've listed below. Now that pros can tell us even more about the jobs they always want when they are promoting, we opened up the number of jobs that will be seen in the Jobs tab. Pros who are not promoting are likely to see a wider variety of jobs in the Jobs tab but they'll be able to choose the ones they would like to express interest in and will only pay when a customer responds. Your feedback and sentiment on this are something that I've also made sure to document based on your previous posts. As always thanks for sharing!


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So if I don't Promote, I will see less and less local jobs come through? Or maybe no local jobs at all. And I will continue to receive jobs that are 2+ hours away from me? Yeah, sure, that makes alot of sense.  And with Promote on, I'll see the local jobs. I was having alot of success receiving jobs with Promote on pause, and receiving local jobs, even if 1 or more Pros were contacted by the customer.

Not going to repeat myself from previous threads and messages on what I feel needs to improve Promote. You, @Meckell @DustiO and other reps know my frustrations and suggestions on improving it. I was receiving local jobs prior to yesterday, then it's gone.
While on phone with rep yesterday, since I was receiving local jobs in jobs feed tab, been successful with bookings and we both agreed to keep Promote on pause. It's more than frustrating now. Anger isn't at you personally, just changes being made that make no sense for ALL pros.

Changes have to be made, @Kameron , and soon. Many of us have given suggestions for months now, and we see none of our suggestions coming, just changes that aren't beneficial to us.