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Another tip . . .

Here is another thing that I do as a music teacher. I really encourage students to play a major role in their own learning. I get a lot of confusing responses from this. I will ask the student what song they would like to learn to play. Basically, I am asking the student: what do THEY want from the lessons?? 

What this does is it tells the student, "Hey! You are important to me!" I am also letting them know they have a voice in their own learning. Another thing that it does is it gets the student to set their own goals. I then re-enforce this idea by letting them know that I am not judging their choice. Essentially, it's their decision and I am going to support them in it. I want what they want.

This creates a win-win situation. They know i am on their side! Amazing results do come from this!!



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Re: Another tip . . .

Thanks so much for sharing @pgrether, as always keep up the amazing work!

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