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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

Great question @ScottArcangel! We have a separate thread that talks about customers viewing your messages. Be sure to check that out here as well as my response to get more context behind the update. Of course, your feedback is extremely appreciated and I'll definitely make sure it's sent to our Product Team. 

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@Meckell  We'd love to hear from you too.  Pros would love to receive more insight than we currently get out of Thumbtack.  I have written in the past of how badly we need to know that Job Posters have read our profiles.  I am sure Thumbtack would find value in studying this as well. And the real value would be from knowing 1) How much time the Job Posters spend on all profiles and how many profiles they read. And, 2) drilling deeper, study how long they spend reading each individual profile.

This research would answer one burning question: "Do Job Posters evaluate the Pros based on our profiles, or based on our price." This answer might actually depend a great deal on the job category. But without knowing anything about the time spent by Job Posters while they evaluate the Profiles of a Pro, I wonder what proof there is that any profile has value.

We need more insight.

Just imagine that we could choose the jobs based on the number and time spent reading profiles. The higher the ranking of the Job Poster, the more likely we would be to send a quote for that job. A Job Poster who only clicks on the photo of a Pro and never opens their profile is a Job I do not wish to Quote.

And just imagine how meaningful it would be if Thumbtack would collect that data and write to the Job Poster and tell them they are not spending much time reading the profiles of the Pros. You might even get better Job Posters. That would be a Win-Win for us all.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections

Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@HansenJC although this isn't info we have to share right now, it is a great idea and something I think pros will find great value in! I understand where you're coming from and why you want more insight on things. These ideas have been passed along! 

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Re: What to do if a customer ghosts you.

and now that TT has added the new feature, BLOCK PRO on the customer side... we never know if they even recieve our messages.  This is a great point... the lengthy paragraph above says that we should reply, respond, repeat... Then, we are being told that the customers needed a BLOCK feature because they were tired of hearing from the pro's.  I am trying to find my way through this maze, but the rules keep changing... what is the advice to follow now?

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Re: What to do if a customer ghosts you.


Agreed!!! I also want to know what the advice is. I'm a go-getter type, as I'm sure that you are and many other Pros as well. But to sit back and wait for a Job Poster to reach out to me, and in turn, reply to my message, if indeed it gets read, is not the way that I have run my business. If I just sat back and waited for clients, I would be out of business.