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BLOCK PRO is a feature??

Hi Active Pros and Moderators,
Is this a new feature?? How does this work? What are the criteria to Block a Pro who has paid for a Lead?? I was told several times by Moderators as a solution, that I am to reach out to so called 'Ghosters' several times to see if they respond. How do I as a Pro know if I'm simply blocked? 
If I am blocked, then is the 'Introduction' considered 'Spruned or Rejected' by the Poster and therefore TT returns/credits the lead cost?
I can understand if a Poster wants to 'Report' a Pro for whatever reason and TT looks into the validity of the case. But to just 'Block'?! Why?

Please explain the how 'Block Pro' works and what it means to Paid Leads.

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

Well; thank you for posting this:

OMG!!! I can even believe that TT put that in there! It sends the wrong message, on so many levels.

And then there are people who are fumble fingered with their smart phones. If I had a dollar for every time a job poster gave a Pro a four-star review...when he or she really intended to give a five-star review... I would have enough for a fun weekend in Las Vegas.

More proof that Thumbtack is not on the side of the Pro's.

Attention moderators: You can spin this any way you want. Actions speak louder than words. I have been with Thumbtack since 2013, and this is one of the most offensive, insulting things I have seen since starting.

Let's talk about the message's it sends:

"Since some of our Pro's might stalk you, we will make it easy for you to block them

"Since some our Pro's might SPAM you, we will make it easy for you to block them

Even though you were the one who started the conversation, and conventional manners would expect a polite "no thank you" Thumbtack will not insist on that, and instead give you the option to be rude and inconsiderate.

Will the PRO even know if the job poster activated the BLOCK?

This is really sad and upsetting.  Reese T.

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

Dear TT: I predict that this one is going to turn into a nightmare for you from a Pro Public relations standpoint.

a) we received no warning this was coming.

b) it is unclear what happens when the button is pressed.

c) if we are blocked - and we reply to that lead, do we know it so we dont waste our time replying again?

The ONLY way this starts to work is if you credit the pro 100% of their fees paid for this lead.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

(assuming it's a real thing.....)

Why not simply have a button that says "Let Pro Know Request is Closed".   Even better, with a dropdown (found someone, cancelled project, etc).    Presumably, the vast majority of us will understand that the customer doesn't need to hear from us, we don't have to guess, and it's marginally better than just being ghosted.   time saved for me,  and the customer can manage the level of communication they want.

For that rare occurrence where a pro is spamming or sending something innappropriate (I'd like to think that's impossible, but hey...),  provide a way for customers to report them.   that's got to be against the ToS, right?

I think customers will benefit,  Pros will know what's going on, etc.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@BillPersons Great Idea!

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

So, a customer reaches out and asks, "What's your availability" - you're Promoted and you automatically pay Thumbtack for the lead.

You reply to the customer by introducing yourself, confirm that you are available on the date they need, discuss in brief your services and you attempt to start a conversation with the customer. You expect that the customer wants to talk to you - that's what you paid for. The customer doesn't reply to you and instead they decide to block you.

You're paying Thumbtack for the privilege of introducing you to a customer who subsequently decides that they don't want to talk to you.

Thumbtack, how is this fair to the Pro? 




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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@Kameron What really is the purpose of the "Block" Button?

If its to flag misbehaving pros (which is a valid reason) there likely is a better way to do this.

If its to silence a pro that the lead is no longer interested in, that's fine, but the only fair and ethical thing for TT to do is to credit the pro when that happens. I perfectly understand that the lead will downselct to finalists and will no longer wish to hear from all of the pros, but it just feels like this button opens up the door to poor behavior on the lead side as well, thus the request for the credit.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

I just noticed something... this thread is almost 24 hours old and not a single response from TT on it.

We really would like to hear a response on this.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@MRsaid ... I just noticed something... this thread is almost 24 hours old and not a single response from TT on it

That's a vivid example of two of Thumbtack's biggest failings with respect to the Pros here.

ZERO communication and ZERO engagement directly from anyone on Thumbtack's product team.

It would be a tremendous step in the right direction if Thumbtack appointed a liason between the Pros here and Thumbtack's product team. That would enable us to conduct a proper two-way dialog with the product team and form the basis of a productive partnership.

Without something like that then platitudes about how much Thumbtack want to be our partners and help us succeed are meaningless. There is no partnership between the Pros here and Thumbtack. Look where that's got us.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

From a user's perspective....

I am in need of a painter to paint one room interior of my house. I went to the TT app to see if I can find someone for the job.

When I got to the first page of interior painters, I was given just 2 choices: Yes, this is new construction, No this is not new construction.

I chose No.

That's it - I am done... now all I get is a list of pros.  Then there is a button on the pr to "request a quote." I didnt press it because I dont want pro charged, but here, I guess is where I would assume that the number of rooms, dimensions, etc would be asked. But us insiders know thats not the case.... So even as a consumer, this is ridiculous... It is so dummied down that it doesnt provide value (but we all know why this was done)

So now I went to find a family law attorney...(like me) ... The only options are "I travel to the attorney" or the "attorney travels to me"... now, not many divorce attorneys make house calls, so if any questions are being asked, this is not the most important one.

No questions are asked such as:

Is this a post or pre-decree matter

Choose which apply: Divorce / custody / visitation / property /parentage /adoption / guardianship

Is there issues of domestic violence?

How soon?/Have you been served?

Not every family lawyer does all of these things... for ex, I dont do adoption or judication of parentage issues.


Asking MORE appropriate detailed questions is how you create better leads for us...why is that not obvious.

Also, I cant believe you thought that adding tags to th elead screen (with no additional functionality) was going to help us. All of that info we can clearly see in the lead screen.

I guess we all (pros) get the point.

TT, I urge you to fix this issue immediately. This narrow minded mindset is not working in the least.

As I said, from now on until fixed, I will request credits for every lead that comes in that is outside of my practice area.

But - you seem to know my practice areas without even asking because now there is a tag that says "great fit".. I tell you, the first time I get a great fit tag for an adoption matter you will hear from me.