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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@HansenJC - it works some days using Chrome and then others it doesn't.

Either I am being blocked from giving Kudo for some reason they are not telling me about or it is broken.

You'll be in trouble when Microsoft moves I.E. and Edge "look and feel" becomes more of a skin on the Chrome browser core soon. Just for giggles, this blog reveals some of the things MS have removed from its (still in development) version:

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

I am on Chrome and have never had an issue - however I am on a MAC so maybe that is a difference of note.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

When a Pro purchases a lead from Thumbtack they do so believing that they are purchasing something of potential value with the expectation that...

  • The lead they purchased will talk to them.
  • The lead they purchased has a genuine job requirement.
  • They have the potential of being hired by the lead.

These expectations are unrealistic. 

When you as a Pro purchase a lead from Thumbtack make no representation that...

  • Your lead will talk to you.
  • Your lead has a genuine job requirement. 
  • You have the potential of being hired by your lead.

When you pay Thumbtack for a lead you are paying for the opportunity to communicate via Thumbtack's platform with that lead. That's all, You are paying for the opportunity to talk to your lead. 

If the lead you purchased chooses not to communicate with you that is not Thumbtack's concern. Thumbtack make no representation and offer no guarantee that the lead will actually communicate with you.  

That's why when you request a refund for a 'ghost' lead you will most likely be told that you paid for an 'introduction', nothing more than that, and your refund request will be declined.

Read this thread by @StoriesUpSTL and you'll see a clear illustration of the difference between the expectations of a Pro and the reality of Thumbtack.







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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@Lar  Smiley Happy Lets indulge even the ridiculous:  Fine, lets say that TT should get away with that flimsy flimsy flimsy notion - Telling Users/Browsers "Its Free and No Obligation to Hire' while parading all the Pros in the near 200 mile radius as click bait and then put their hands up and say its an 'introduction' when the users/browsers click and think 'oh its Free, and I have no obligation to actually engage'

What if the user wants to back out??? What if the user wants to change their post?? What if the user wants to cancel their request??? There are NO OPTIONS for that. NONE.  A User CANNOT CANCEL or edit ANY JOB POST.

Lets take a moment to think about what that means!!

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@MMM_Memoriessaid ... There are NO OPTIONS for that. NONE.  A User CANNOT CANCEL or edit ANY JOB POST.

I couldn't find a way to cancel a job post in the customer interface either. However, if a job has been dormant for a week or so the customer will get an email like this...

Image3.jpg they can specify On hold or cancelled at that point.

I'm surprised though that canceling the project doesn't seem to be an option in the customer interface.

I couldn't find an option for the customer to edit the details of their project. I recently used Thumbtack to hire some Pros for some house repairs. Not being able to edit the details of the jobs I posted wasn't an issue for me, I never felt the need to. I feel that once you're in touch with a Pro the parameters and nature of the job are discussed in detail in the message feed. If the customer needs to change things then I suppose that Thumbtack figure that the customer can discuss any changes with their chosen Pros.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??


Well said! My fears exactly about being blocked. Customer may not like my profile picture, my quote, videos/pics, years in business, whatever the reason, and block me without warning. I could see if I did something wrong to violate a guideline.

As I mentioned earlier, and forgive me if I repeat but sometimes we need to repeat , if a Pro becomes a nuisance, then customer should report that Pro, and let Thumbtack ban the Pro for 30 days or whatever they deem fit. Why leave it in the customer's hands to block us. Seems more and more, the customer is gaining control of the use of Thumbtack, not the Pros, who in essence, pay for the service. Now I'm afraid to send a quote for fear of being blocked, and we shouldn't be fearful of that.


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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

A thought for @Meckell . Develop a way to communicate to the Job Posters who do not respond. Develop a "Three Strikes" policy. Two jobs posted with NO COMMUNICATIONS and NO hires and they get a warning. The warning should be clear that these Pro invested time and money and as a result of their initial communications deserve at least a polite "No Thank You" message. It is the least you can do.

Then after the third post with no communications, toss then, flag them, call them. In some way make an effort to cull the bad apples. Please do this for us Pros.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections

Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

@MMM_Memories @ReeseTee @MR @BillPersons @Lar @DJStevie @HansenJC @VideoTerry @ScottArcangel @revbrian
Thanks for all of the comments on this! First, I want to clarify that this not a new feature or new update; in fact, it’s been around for some time.  We always do our best to let pros know when we launch something new, but this has been around since 2017. Its purpose is to help customers feel confident about messaging pros. Just as pros can report a concerning customer, customers, too, can choose who they speak with (and who they don’t) on Thumbtack.

We know communicating with customers is important for pros to connect and get hired. When a customer doesn’t respond right away, it can be helpful to reach out again to remind them of your availability, ask questions and engage. But overwhelming a customer with messages can become unprofessional and concerning. This feature simply allows customers to block pros who cross the line from friendly engagement to unprofessional behavior.  In the same way that you can block someone from texting you or calling you on your cell phone, this feature works in the same way.  It’s meant to be used only in the rare situation when someone goes too far.

Of course, your candid feedback helps us improve, and we’re always open to hearing how we can make features work better for both pros and customers.  So if you have thoughts on how this standard block feature could work better, or if it has affected you negatively in some way since it launched back in 2017, we’d love to hear from you.

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Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??


Thanks for addressing this.

If this feature was already in place, why haven't I and other Pros noticed it when we used TT from the Job Poster's view. It came as a surprise to me when this thread was posted last week.

My concern is this, it seems that Job Posters have more and more control than the Pros do. As what I've mentioned, as did @ReeseTee , it's easy for the JP to click on block by accident via their phone, when in essence, they wanted to click something else.

And since you asked for feedback, I hope that Thumbtack takes this to heart. So,  instead of having the JP have the capability to block a Pro, how about having them report a Pro to TT if that Pro is indeed inundating the JP with numerous messages. Then let TT handle that Pro accordingly. As I also said in this thread, if a Pro becomes a nuisance, then just warn and/or ban them for 30 days, same as if we continue to violate guidlines here in the Community.


DJ Stevie

Re: BLOCK PRO is a feature??

Thank you @Meckell 


We used to be able to see when customers read our messages.

Why is this incredibly useful information no longer visible to pros?

What was the reason for taking it away?

(I truly hope the answer is NOT because pros were seeing just how many of the messages they sent to leads that they paid for were going unread)


I think having it back would absolutely clear up many of the issues pros are having.