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Back to School

As a working mom and business owner, I find Back to School to be such a crazy time. Getting back in to morning routines, adjusting to more rigid schedules, juggling lunches and homework and activities, can be so overwhelming.

I'm making an effort to carve out more time for myself in the morning - yesterday I got up at 4:45am to start working so that I could get a few things done before kids woke up. It was SO great.

What are your secrets to surviving back to school? What tips do you have? How does back to school affect your business? 

17493154_10155767456000961_1161204717585892232_o.jpgMe, and my crazy kids!

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Re: Back to School

@Sarah-Rooforia@PatriciaN@FunnyBunnyEntCA@Denise Do you guys have any tips for working parents? Would love to hear from more of our amazing pros who seem to be getting it ALL done!


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