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Re: Bad reviews

So true Beth. I also HATE the "Instant Match". I discovered the flood of clients Thumbtack sent out. They sent incorrect quotes without messages. I normally send people a personalized menu but instead they received a price without any message.

I'm worried that people are getting a flood of Thumbtack Instant Quotes now. This is causing viewer to look at fewer real quotes. Over the past few months, I've been getting fewer responses. In the past, I received at least 2 good leads a week. Now, I'm lucky if I get a couple a month. I'm also paying more for this service than I did in the past.

I get so many fake clients who write something and I get charge $50 for nothing. Once, I was charge $50 for someone before they even contacted me. I contacted Thumbtack and they said, "they called you"; however, when they said they called me was after I wrote a letter to Thumbtack. Plus, I never received a call because there wasn't a number listed on my incoming calls.

What's happened? Thumbtack was really great before, now, I'm looking for a different way to reach people.

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Re: Bad reviews

I see a lot of Pros talking about "fake" leads. Just what do you all mean? As in, truly NOT real, or just made up??? I have wondered about that issue myself.

I also use to find cleaning jobs. In the past 6 months, I have applied for almost of the jobs listed that are in my area. NOT a single person has contacted me, yet I am paying for the "service"! This makes no sense to me, because my reputation is good and I charge decent prices. I strongly suspect is faking leads. And I also wonder this about TT.

The people of my county have not stropped needing good house cleaners. SO, where the heck are they posting them? If its on TT, I sure do not see them.

One more question: IF I turn IM on, does TT then automatically send out quotes? If so, of course I would be paying a LOT more. Can someone explain how IM truly works??? Whenn I read the info on the site, it is all muddled and poorly written.


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Re: Bad reviews

Hi There (missannienow),

I'm also in (as Math Tutor) and it can be frustrating for not getting any responses.  One thing you can do is to click "APPLICATIONS" to see if it is closed.  Closed means they hired someone else.

One thing about is that they used to/able to include the phone number in the application.  Because of that, many people had issues with communication (which it happens outside of and they have decided to exclude the phone number inside the application to track its messages between careprovider and caregiver.

You've said: I strongly suspect is faking leads.  I hear this a lot from  It is all depends how applicant wrote their applicaiton.  If the resume has these type of words/phrases (I'm caring, I'm passionate, I'm outgoing, I'm good at XYZ, I love helping people, I'm friendly, etc), it will draw red flags since they (new employer) haven't dealt with you yet.  Therefore, those phrases are completely irrelevant for any type of application (if you wrote them).  All you (applicant) need in your application are: your education/knowledge of the job, your experience/skill that is different from others, and your availability.  You must be different to attract future employers.

In terms of IM (intstant match), I don't think TT is sending my Quotes for me because I just got new student without sending the quote (after I checked my conversations with new student).  From my observation, it looks like TT matches with Settings, Profile, and Reviews.  If you want more matches, you can click Services and there are  Match me with jobs outside my preferences, Suggest jobs related to my services, and Suggest jobs near my travel area.  And you can set your services the way you want it.  Also, you can change your Settings to see if you need to make any changes.  

I hope my take and message clarify your concerns.  Good luck to you.

Yohan Chu   (LV  NV)

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Re: Bad reviews

I am again able to include my phone number on A pop up asks "are you sharing too much info?" And I hit "send anyway. I was told this is for "security reasons. I think its BS!

I have asked for help here on TT and have not gottebn any yet. Kameron helped me with one issue but thats it. I pretty much only come here for this forum!

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Re: Bad reviews

You made a another good point here. When you quit "Instant Match", there's fewer jobs being sent. I found the numbers of jobs sent out to be to be much less incomparison to the number of jobs they matched me too. Why??

Fact is, Thumbtack makes money from us. Why don't they treat us with the respect we deserve? If there's a problem and we're being charge for it, why do they ignore it?

I was told that I received my "one" charge return. In other words, if they miss-charge us, we can't get reimbursed.....we have no recourse. We have no recourse on charges, or bad reviews. 

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Bad reviews

Recently I posted my thoughts about TT’s changes and I was very negative because well, the changes have been only good for TT and not my business. I found it amusing that TT took down my post because it was negative yet when I had a bad review one time ( all 5 stars except for this one ) I wrote and sppke to at leadt a dozen people at TT letting them know how unfair the review was , especially since I didnt even end up doing the job! TT would not back down and refused to intervene and / or take the review off.
Funny how TT is so quick to erase my bad review of them but we aren’t given the consideration when a customer writes a bad review of us!
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One Star Rating

Why do you have a one-star rating on Everybody I have talked to says, more or less, "It's hard to determine who is fake and who is real.  Being billed before even getting the job is a rip-off. They are all about the money."

TT Consumer Affairs Reputation


One star rating by Consumer Affairs...    check it out





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Re: Bad reviews

WoW, Startling when you get on there and I fear that it's only going to get worse. Truly a Shame. Worked Fine until "they" started Tinkering with something that wasn't Broken. Really Sad.

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Re: Bad reviews


I agree, it wasn't broken at all.