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Bad reviews

Hello Thumbtack! Did you know you only have a ONE star review on the Consumer Affaris website? There are over 219 reviews about your company and most are from PRO's. I am embarrassed to see this rating. What can you do to improve your image? I see that many PRO's are very unhappy with the changes, yet you claim we are all happy about it. What Gives? Would love to help improve your situation but something has to be done about the current state of affairs.

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Community Manager JasonB
Community Manager

Re: Bad reviews

Hey @mbidstudio,

Thanks for posting! 

We know that some pros are unhappy with some of the changes we've made.  

Here's what we're doing: we're listening, and we're working hard to fix the things that aren't working.

For example, we've heard pros loud and clear that the lack of price transparency is frustrating.  So, we've dedicated whole teams of people to work on solving this as quickly as possible. 

We're not super focused on the reviews coming in other websites like the one you reference.  Ultimately, we're focused on hearing from pros directly, which is why we created this Community.  So keep posting, and we'll do our best to give you updates along the way.

Thanks again for all that you do,



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Re: Bad reviews

Haven't been hired in 2 weeks.


Must be me.....



Re: Bad reviews

Not you! I bid 34 times last week and got one contact. The ticked the "what's the process for working together" box, to which I responded 4 times, and they've never written back. The new system is hurting everyone. If thumbtack concentrated on "how can we help pros make money", then they'd be making a ton of money and so would we, and we'd be singing their praises from the rooftops! But, they instead concentrate only on how they can get more money out of us, regardless of how much it hurts us. Going from 5 pros bidding bidding per job, to 15 pros bidding makes for very simple math...  we get hired 1/3 of the time than we used to. I used to get hired once for every 8 bids. Then they made a bunch of changes last year and it went to  one hire for every 15  bids. The stats showed that I was getting hired twice as often as my "competition". Last week 34 bids and no hires! And that was for ther 34 jobs I was willing to scrounge low enough to bid on. The budgets used to be bigger too. I see that TT puts ads on google that promote the pro services as cheap. Now I understand why people, on a daily basis, have budgets that are literally 10% of the actual price of what the job should be!!!

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Re: Bad reviews

i used to sing the praises of TT... but now my voice is cracking

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Re: Bad reviews

Us too. From promoting to silence on our part.


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Re: Bad reviews

I agree!  I am not getting as many texts for petsitting as I did in the past. However, I have never had bad customer service.

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Re: Bad reviews

I'm how spending hours on the computer sending out bids. I sent out more than 70 bids last week. Only returns were fake contacts. Last month, I spent $800 on Thumbtack and I received two jobs. Most of the jobs I'm seeing are jobs where customers are looking for people to work for almost nothing. 

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Re: Bad reviews

Its not you - I havent been hired in months - been awful since the changes last Spring
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Re: Bad reviews

"SOME PROS" are unhappy---how about "THE MAJORITY", if not all, are unhappy! I haven't gotten one job since you changed things. Why waste my time and money? Back to craigslist, I guess.