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Hello Anyone!

One of the things that we as business owners and operators need to be careful with is the "pendulum swing" to our businesses. I go through this a lot! At one point, things are going great. I am enrolling newer music students, I have a good amount of steady revenue coming in, people are posting good reviews, students are making great progress, etc. Things are going just the way that they should! When suddenly people will cancel lesson(s), no one is enrolling, car problems, bills, etc. 

What am I to do? Well on many occaions I have moped around the house, I think I am not a good teacher, etc. Yes, I too am human. I have been hired 162 times and have great reviews from satisfied customers . . . 

So what happens is I start buying into the negative thinking and it makes matters worse. When I was in college one class talked about "emotional intelligence" and that is what I need for myself. Being aware of what my thinking is causing. I cannot afford to fall into the trappings of negative thinking or inertia. It is NOT worth it! 

So what do I do? Get moving!!! That is so important. I heard Zig Ziglar say that it is hard to hit a moving target!!! 

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Thanks for sharing @pgrether!