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Busy Season

For many industries, Spring and Summer are the busiest seasons - as a wedding cake professional, I feel this. I gear myself up for many 15-20 hour days, long weeks with no days off, months of madness really. I sometimes forget to schedule time for myself to recharge. I have made a habit of scheduling massages ahead of time, so that I know I have something to look forward to. I also try to dedicate time where I will not open my laptop or check emails. 

What are some things that you guys do to make sure you keep your batteries charged?

Here are a few of my most time consuming projects:

Cat cake.jpghand painted cake.jpgSequin cake.jpgShoe cake.jpg


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Re: Busy Season

I try to schedule in some free time.  When possible I plug in an activity that is good for me that I enjoy (like biking or hiking with my family).  This gives me some time away from the desk, physical activity, time with people I care about, and if I'm lucky a little exposure to outside.


Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC
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Re: Busy Season

@The-Write-Mann Yes! I love this.

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