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CT Pros! How About Some Feedback?

The search results in Connecticut are (to quote Taylpr and Dusti O)  "vast and robust"!

I am the #1 Private Cooking Skills Instructor. This is mainly because I am on Target. Want to know who is #2?  A Justice of the Peace. Now, this gentleman is no doubt a fine fellow, but does he also give Cooking Lessons too? I can't find his profile anywhere outside the demos.

He is also ranked #5 in searches for Caterers. Wow! 

#12 is a Cleaning Service. As in search for Caterers. 

I don't Target my Catering service. My profile does not appear on the searches for this category. 

I'd sure feel funny competing with a cleaning service or Justice of the Peace to cater a birthday party.

To be clear: This feedback in no way disparages in any way the aforementioned Professionals. Obviously it was not their decision to be placed in this way. I am merely curious about how this happened.

Looks like Promote is missing the Target.

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Re: CT Pros! How About Some Feedback?

@ChefOfAllSeason can you tell me what zip code and filters you're using to get these results? I want to replicate it so I can look into and get you further info. Keep in mind that there are many pros who offer multiple services. We wouldn't show a pro on search results for a job that they don't do. 

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Re: CT Pros! How About Some Feedback?

@Meckell 06057,06001,06019. 

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Re: CT Pros! How About Some Feedback?

@ChefOfAllSeason thank you! Although those pros offer other services, I can confirm that they also offer Private Cooking Lessons and Catering. As I mentioned above, we don't show pros in search results for services they don't do. 

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Re: CT Pros! How About Some Feedback?

That was not indicated in their profiles, or did I miss something?