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Re: Changes to TT

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A potential customer responding to an email does not equate to them being ready to move forward NOR does it mean they are the right customer for your business.

Case and point:

I have received ONE notification on the TT app this year to date who was a good potential fit for my I.T. service - I paid for the quote - and she still was a no-call-no-show.

Most of the customers who find thumbtack use it for free quotes for their issues or free support - I'm not setting up an open-ended drain on my checking account just to give people my prices and answer questions they will take to another business.

This format doesn't work for MANY businesses who use TT to find new customers. I spent about $200 with thumbtack my first year, and got a 50% turnover with customers who hired me - the rest were not going to hire ANYONE on thumbtack - they we're just looking for quotes to fix their computers.

I will only use the previous platform - that's the only way you are keeping me for a customer.

Re: Changes to TT

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I'm hanging in there... but my coverted leads have all but evaporated since TT instituted the recent changes.   I'm all for paying for customer to contact me and discuss my services, but I literally have gone from 5-6 solid leads per month to being lucky if I get 1.  I noticed things started dropping off after I saw less advertising for TT on my social media feeds... but now it's practically cricktes for me.  btw, I'm a wedding officint in Upstate NY.

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Re: Changes to TT

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@chaplainclaudia I am so happy to hear that you are hanging in there. You have no idea what it means to hear from a pro who is willing to stick with us even when things don't seem to be going right for them. I am a Top Pro myself and have been using Thumbtack for 4 years, most of those before coming to work here. I have seen a lot of transitions, some may have felt a little bumpier, but in the end I know that the product is headed in the right direction and Thumbtack is making sure it works for our pros - because without pros like you, we don't have a product. Have you taken a look at your settings to make sure there isn't anything off? Be sure to check your travel preferences, as well as all of your Instant Match settings to be sure nothing is off. We are in this with you. I am in this with you. 

Here is a link to help with your settings and preferences, just in case you need it! I hope this helps. 

And thank you again for hanging in Smiley Happy

Re: Changes to TT

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Dusti, it seems TT is truly pushing this failing model.  We used it for 1 month and got NO BOOKINGS we turned it off and went back to the old meathod and in 2 weeks we GOT SIX BOOKINGS. 

A couple of quick questions 

1. With the auto quote feature how do you see important things like attachments ? You don't , so not only are you doing a diservice to the pro's who cant give an educated quote, you are completely ignoring the customers request to show something to a Pro. Essentially removing the Pro in Professional. 

2. What does the auto quote say besides the price ? Does it adress any of the specific data that you require the customer to submit in their request ? 

3. You claim that after the auto quote is seen the customer then has the "option" to review your profile and look at your reviews. Being that you're a tech company I'm sure you have all sorts of data and metrics that show the conversion between a bland auto quote and customers actually taking the time to review your profile. I imagine its far far less than you would dare publicize. 

4. How do you concider a pre planned "Conversation Starter" like - "OK GREAT WHATS NEXT" as a paid contact ? I know this is a button or some dialog box that the customer can easly push because I get way to many  "OK GREAT WHATS NEXT" to know that statistacally this exact response would be unlikely in every case. Also you used to tell customers that pro's will be paying for the oportunity to quote and you asked them to make sure that they are seriouse before sending the request. Do you still do that ?

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Re: Changes to TT

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If you business does not make a lot of money on one job, like $125 and I got that job by Instant Match then TT took a lot of my money.  ThumbTack is not in touch with my business as some jobs I only can get $75.  So I don't like any new things that TT does that makes me spend more money to get low paying jobs at a priemium charge.  There needs to be a change, and not the direction they are going.  I am considering another route to get jobs and it is not with TT.

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Re: Changes to TT

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I love the way the forum moderators chose the only 2 positive responses (one being from a thumbtack employee) as "acceptable solutions." Yeah, right.

Here's the BIGGEST issue I've seen since TT forced this instamatch crap on everyone. I used to get 4-8 TT requests a week that I could bid on. After the instamatch rollout - I'm lucky to get 1 a month.

So basically either people stopped using TT (which I know they haven't) or TT is funnelling all of the requests to businesses who are paying for the instamatch.

What's really sick is that I had 2 long conversations with managers at TT the week before instamatch was rolled out - and they were VERY hostile when I explained that the system doesn't work for my type of business. They insisted that this works for ALL businesses. Yeah... Because that's a logical qualifier...

I have used thumbtack for exactly ONE job since instamatch came out because I simply don't receive requests anymore.

What else does TT need to hear from us at this point?
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Re: Changes to TT

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@CHSMtech neither of the two responses you're referring to are from a Thumbtack employee.  All Thumbtack employees have a Thumbtack logo to the left of their username, and our policies do not allow anyone who is an employee to post or participate in the Community without disclosing their employment.  

More importantly, I'm sorry to hear you had an unpleasant conversation with Thumbtack representatives.  We do know that Instant Match is working; we wouldn't pursue it if we didn't believe that it will get more pros hired.  Of course, that doesn't mean it's perfect, and we know there's more work we need to do to make it work for everyone.  

As a Top Pro, we definitely want to see you continue the success you've had to date.  

Here's an Instant Match guide, just in case there are some quick wins in there that might help. And if you have additional questions about how to make Instant Match work for you, send a PM to one of our moderators; they'll be eager to help.

Let's get you more contacts. 



Re: Changes to TT

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Quick question how can a pro see any attachments BEFORE an instant quote is given ? 

How can a pro see any notes supplied in a request BEFORE an instant quote is given ? 

Do you not think these are IMPORTANT in order to give a PROfessional quote ? 

Lastly as a company that works in the pet services WHY did you remove BREED as required field ? 

The on again off again CONSTANT change indicates an unclear vision and obviously reeking havoc with many of your pros. 

I would say for every ONE pro that takes the time to post here there are hundreds if not thousands who either don’t have the time knowledge of desire to post here. 


Re: Changes to TT

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The interesting thing is I keep gaming their system. I don't use instimatch, I'm 20%-30% higher than my competition ( thanks Insights Smiley Very Happy ) Im still almost as fast as instimatch ( thanks templates ) and I keep the dialog going. I still land the job because I'm a F'n Pro and I know how to treat customers in my field. I'm not a low price leader looking to become a McDonals drive through. I'm the Michelin rated celebrity chef  Smiley Wink 

 I just got another booked client today and 1/2 of my clients don't mark me as booked and I don't mark myself as booked so there is no data for Thumbtack. My greatest acquisitions are the quotes that don't respond and I get my money back. I love landing those clients and booking them because they cost me nothing. I just keep the conversation going until I hear back from them. I wont say I get them all but when I do they are the sweetest ones. 


Re: Changes to TT

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So can someone tell me how this quote would have been handled through instamatch ? 

First, off there is NO BREED, hello we are a grooming company !!!! 

Second, if you read the quote fully you will notice THREE ADDITIONAL DOGS, again NO BREEDS how big are they ? What are they ? How much are they willing to spend ? 

How in the world can an instamatch system work on a quote like this ? I have to craft a followup Q&A just to give an accurate quote. Possibly request some photos of the pets to get an idea of what we are working with, yadda yadda yadda. 


Also don't ya just love the little "Try Instant Match" button Smiley Very Happy 


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