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Clients asking to much for little

does it pay to respond to clients who wish to pay a small amount for a large service?


i've found that sometimes once a menu is sent to client they will often go above their stated budget, but this far and few...


i think there are services that shouldn't even offer $15 and under...who is going to spend their time creating a menu, ordering, preparing then serving or dropping off for less than $45? is your time worth that little? The global pricing points for the services causes abuse. I can think of little or no service worth $15/hr. or /person. Trying to bring everyone in, the idea of price competition brings us all down. let's be honest about what our services cost, out cost of labor/cost of goods/cost of travel/cost of time...planning, organizing, scheduling...i plan to pass the cost of my contacts onto the client, they are paying for our service so they should reimburse us for our fees. add a service fee, increase your cost, don't accept clients unwilling to pay the worth of your service and your time (total time spent getting the client). we can effect change. 

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Re: Clients asking to much for little

@UrbanFields Never lower your standards


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Re: Clients asking to much for little

15$ per person for maybe a breakfast.

I can't even idientify that anymore with the cleints so I let those leads die..

the old system let the client imput those kind of things before I paid to write to them.

Firing in the blind now makes it really hard

Re: Clients asking to much for little

@DCFGCatering I agree 100%. You have a great story; how you built your business from scratch. The original TT model was beneficial to your growth. It is similar to my history, except you operate on a far grander scale. I always take note of your posts and agree with your logic. I just turned down a lead (partial match) 5 minutes ago that lacked essential information. No firm date, no set venue decision, no budget. The Wedding may or may not take place in the latter half of 2021. Cost: $64. This sort of thing reminds me of one of your posts that describes what $75 can buy. The leads for what we do seem based solely on a head count regardless of extenuating circumstance and measure of viability. I am cautious and respond quickly. Thanks for all your posts, Chef.

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