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Collections Agency - a suggestion

One of the issues I read about regarding TT is pros stating that they have, from time to time, problems getting their customers to pay the bill. I know I have a fairly high rate of this issue from clients I have sourced from TT in the past.  I have mitigated this by raising my required retainer to get started, but now most TT clients won't pay the up front retainer so I never get the client. I still am ok with that however as I am protecting myself from a likely no-pay issue down the road. If they can't pay now, they won't be able to pay a month from now.

Wondering if TT would consider seeking out and partnering with a collections firm who would be willing to work with the size of receivables that are common with the Pros here on TT? There is likely a high volume of business out there for such an agency and it would really be a great step forward for TT to show support for their many pros.

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Re: Collections Agency - a suggestion

@MR thanks for sharing the way in which you're going about this issue. I'm sure this tip can be helpful for other pros to think about when it comes to collecting payment. 

I'll be happy to share your idea of looking into working with a collections firm, however, Thumbtack has always had the stance that payment and contract type details of the job will remain between the customer and pro to negotiate and handle. We're simply here to help customers and pros make that connection.

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