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Congrats to our September contest winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent contest. We had some great involvement and you made it difficult for us to pick a winner. All of your posts were amazing! 

Now let’s get to it! *cue drumroll*

@DrDPMoten your post received the most kudos (by a landslide may I add). Congrats! You won $100 in Thumbtack credit and will see that in your account shortly. 

@Stat your post was chosen by us! We also want to give you an extra shoutout by getting your entry in quickly! We loved how you broke down your communication style based on the generation of your customers. You won $50 in Thumbtack credit and will see that in your account shortly. 

@MetaFour your post was also chosen by us! We really enjoyed reading how you cater to your client's needs, even if that means going the extra mile as you did. So inspiring! You won $50 in Thumbtack credit and will see that in your account shortly. 


We also wanted to take the time to give some honorable mentions to those of you whose posts really stood out to us. If one of the tips below resonates with you, or something you’ve been working on to improve your communication with customers, we highly recommend reading the full posts from the pros below in the contest thread.

  • @ChefOfAllSeason We love how you put yourself in your customer's shoes to fully understand their needs and expectations. 
  • @mkaufman You pointed out, “I find everyone is different when it comes to communication.” We couldn’t agree more!
  • @DJStevie We commend you for being so adaptable with your customer's communication. 
  • @Talley9813  We’re happy to hear that you’ve been successful with how you communicate with customers. Keep up the great work! 
  • @ChaCha  You mentioned, “I also make it fun…” we love that! 
  • @Grit2GraceFitne  Thanks for sharing your experience. Way to be “prompt and persistent!”
  • @ed_locksmith  Amazing post as always! We appreciate how much detail you provided and are happy to hear that those three steps have helped you greatly. 
  • @MakeoverMelody  We liked how you broke it down to two things: Consultation & Keeping it Simple. Such a great approach!
  • @Staged2Shine  Great call out that it all depends on their first reply back. Thanks for breaking it down for everyone!
  • @foryourparty  You’re right, communication can be challenging and surprisingly easy. Everyones different and it really can go either way!