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Congratulations to the winners of our January contest!

Thanks to all who participated in our most recent contest. We’re always amazed by your expertise and appreciate you sharing your experience and tips with other pros here in the Community.

Now to the fun part - the winners!

@DJZest_LBC your post received the most kudos, congrats! We enjoyed reading your post and loved this quote in particularI believe if you focus on the keys that unlocked your business and made your business stand out amongst the many that are in the same stream as you. You'll be a better catch over and over and over again.” You won $100 in Thumbtack credit and will see that in your account very soon. 

@BITB  your post was chosen by us! This part of your post really stood out to us and we’re so excited to have you here in the Community Finally, as it relates to something I am doing differently for my business this year, I decided to be more involved in the Thumbtack Community.“ You won $50 in Thumbtack credit and will see that in your account soon as well. 


Below we highlighted some great tips and goals from other pros. Be sure to check out their full posts here

@Gaddyair Our best tip with starting the new year is having a vision board for the year and continually knocking out goals that are set.”

@Doaulin “One or the things to do to start the year successfully is to always make a plan and make sure to write it down with as much details as possible”

@DebWhite-Palmer  “Why not use all the contacts and relationships I've made and use them.”

@Gomobilegroomin “I am hoping to grow my business more and more this year and hopefully get new clients”

@AVHandyman “The beginning of the year is a slower time in my industry, so I use this time to review the strategies I used in the year prior”

@JBoogie462 “Treat every customer and their home like they are family (the family you like)”

@Penn-The-Moment “Staying the course is fine, however, the world is constantly changing. If you want to be better, gain more knowledge, learn something new, and be ahead of your competitors.”

@arambulam “First week of the year for the previous leads who did not get back to me. I offer them an extra 10% discount on your next booking from that week to the following month or they can also share my message and if I get a new booking they can receive the discount.”

@Gee “Well, for me I started the new year off with something new and different for me. I order a 4 block lesson discount which would save everyone that paid in advance 5 bucks a lesson for a 45 min lesson. The I offered a holiday sale and took it down another 3 bucks which got me a few more new

@Mage_Music  “I am a music teacher, and this year I updated my studio policy to reflect the new requirement for automatic billing in order for customers to keep their spots in the schedule.”

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Re: Congratulations to the winners of our January contest!

Congratulations to the winners!!
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Re: Congratulations to the winners of our January contest!

I never win anything! This the first time I can remember winning anything!!! I Appreciate everyone who showed me love, it's a hard task to stay afloat as an entrepreneur. But your post ease that...


Thanks, Thumbtack


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Re: Congratulations to the winners of our January contest!

Thank you so much! Very excited to be a part of this community and looking forward for seeing what 2020 has in store.

Grateful to have all of the colleagues on this platform to collaborate with and hope to be a part of many great conversations this year.

I appreciate the great advice from everyone that contributed for the contest. Thank you again,

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