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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

When we RB CONSTRUCTION USA  get’s introduced to a new customer, we first like to  understand there problem and who they are. Then depending on their situations How we can help them with our knowledge and tools. We like to meet with them as soon as possible to resolve there problems. 

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Community Manager Drew
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

Hi all, I just want to let everyone know that we will be extending the contest for two more weeks (9/27)!

Thank you to those who have already submitted thoughtful entries: it looks like we have some stiff competition! For those of you who haven't submitted an entry yet, procrastination will be rewarded this time!

Here’s the deal: I screwed up the timing of the contest and that is the reason we will be extending it out. To make up for it we will select a second $50 winner out the group of pros who got submissions in on time. We may have two winners from this group, who knows? But there will at least be one. At Thumbtack, we recognize room for improvement as a #couldbebetter (#cbb) and this is a #cbb for me.

Thanks for participating and thanks for your understanding,



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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

@Drew: No Prob. You’re honesty is most appreciated. No one’s prefect.
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

Every customer's communication preference is different. While I'm new to Thumbtack, it's a given to always respond to new leads / jobs quickly. It's within my initial response to the customer that I open up our lines of communication and let them decide what communication style best suits them. How do I establish what their favored communication method is? It's pretty simple. In the closing of my initial response I emphasize to the customer I look forward to hearing back from them and also convey that they should feel free to reach out to me anytime via text or telephone, and provide my cell phone number. When the customer responds next - BINGO - you now know their preferred communication method. Did they call you? Did they text you directly? Or did they choose to respond via Thumbtack?

By indirectly opening up the lines of communication with your customers, you've provided them with several ways to reach you. I take it a step further by making a note in my records of that customer's preferred communication method. So when I have a question about their request, if there is a schedule change, or maybe just a question about where to park upon arrival, I can easily identify if I should call, text, or message the customer.

I've been very successful using the above tip. It has really opened up the rapport I have with customers. Sometimes I've received texts almost immediately after providing my cell number. In some cases customers have telephoned me at their convenience. What's apparent is that customers appreciate your flexibility and can now contact you using the method that best suits them.
Amber Talley
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

We like to treat customers as we like to be treated, with respect, honesty and fairness.
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

For the record, I am loving this platform 🎉. Thank you!

As for client communication, I’m new here but have run my own sewing business for many years and what I’ve found to be true about communication is my ability to “be the most interesting by being the most interested!!” Ask questions of my clients as to what they would like to have ✅ done and how they would prefer to communicate. Sometimes the lead is very vague and in order to help them reach their goal I ask lots of questions. I also make it fun and I’m here and am interested IN THEM and THEIR project. I relate that I am adaptable and we work together as a team.

Right now I’ve only been communicating thru TT.

I am really looking forward to learning here in the community and enhancing the clients’ experience with me — ChaCha!! ☀️👍☀️
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

Be the most interesting by being the most interested.

I love this!!!
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

I try to find out what the customer wants and needs then I explain options and my 47 year experience with them I treat them like my next door neighbor or family
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

Every customer is different and every customer has there favorite way of communicating. We have the millenials which are usually very tech savvy and like texting or emailing. We have Gen X that are a mixture of tech savvy and good ols fashion face to face or phone calls depending on how close they were to being a millennial baby. Lol
Then we have the older generations that want nothing to do with computers or smart phones.
So depending on the age group that I see the customer being in is how I approach them.
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Re: Contest Alert! Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

My first communication to any client is in the same way that I would like to be treated as a client. I provide a quick response addressing the personal details of their request, giving a quick background on why I fit their specific needs, and provide them a few options on further communication (ex texting, calling me at their convenience, or me calling them at a set time, messaging through the app, or via email). I never try to pressure anyone into purchasing my services, I try to be as accomodating as possible (within my own bounds), and if they do not choose to continue with me I make sure to thank them for their time and ask them to think of me in the future. A no thank you now, can become a business relationship in the future! 

A recent way I adapted my communication was with a client who was very busy. They did not go onto the site too often, but had messaged me for services. They would respond every few days, and I let them know they could message me at their leisure and we could move forward at their speed. They ended up texting me then calling me, and finally emailing me to hire me. By being patient and meeting them at their speed I gained a new client.