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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

I would have to say one of the most important books I have read is Ayn Rand's Fountainhead.

What stands out to me the most in this story is not only the "struggle" to be acknowledged for your work but the value placed upon it.

I would suggest either reading this philosophical classic or watching the film version of it if you enjoy a good oldie. This is great for anyone having that internal push and pull inside, asking if they should continue on their path or do what everyone else does? Or for the person that questions the value of what they do or create.
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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

The TED Talk I have been sharing right and left in the last week is Tim Ferris's talk on Fear-Setting:

It helped me to articulate to my clients why expressing fears is a good thing and not something to be avoided. 

It is just as relevant about fears surrounding business, as it is other aspects of life. 

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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!


>> This book has been a game changer <<


“The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business” is a book that I consider a must-read for anyone and everyone. 


WHY: This book is thought-provoking, an easy read, and gives you insight into the why + how we form habits; ways to ditch the ‘bad’ and hone in on the good.


It’s the right amount of science + real life experience. This is essentially a guide to living; not just business.


MY TAKEAWAY: This book helped me gain awareness of habits I didn’t even know existed. It’s helped me develop and strengthen habits to make me (my business) more productive, intentional, and decrease stress or that feeling of spinning my wheels but getting nowhere. 


Five stars. 


You can find it on Amazon for just over $10 (or less if purchasing used):

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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

At a period in life, my early 20's. I was having trouble with money. My family didn't have much and they didn't know how to manage money at all! I was a college student that depended on loans and financial aid. I was going through a stressful time and my then-girlfriend and I were at Barnes and Noble when no lie this book had just been released that day in 2000. I read a section in the book every day and saw that it was more than just a book about money but it was a tool also for mental growth. This is a paraphrase from the book that I live by today. Almost 20 years ago:

"Give yourself peace in boredom. Try to do nothing, think nothing for 30 minutes to an hour and that boredom will be replaced with peace over time. I'm not speaking on the role of laziness but the art of relaxing. We all fall prey to the fast pace of life and forget to breathe and that's when anxiety and worries interrupt what you are doing."

As a DJ I take every gig as they come, never too quick to chase the money but quicker to see if the gig is right for me. It's easy to talk to customers when I'm relaxed and I know as providers of services we meet the good, the bad, and the ugly. How we react sets the tone for who we are. So I'd recommend this book to individuals who not only want a good read but who also desire to gain peace of mind over situations and money in their lives. 

Here's the link to purchase the book. If you don't get anything of this book I'll buy back from you! Seriously...


Oscar/DJ Zest

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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

@WishesJune is where I shared my story about how to attract customers, engage in learning what they need, follow through with professionalism and get paid!  I listen to  It is a podcast that lasts about 20 minutes every morning (with my coffee by my side of course).  I learned from several podcasts to utilize search engines to find out how your customers are searching for what you do.  When I put my business into Google, Yahoo, and MSN the first search engine that came up was Thumbtack.  Then I began listening to the podcast to find out how to encourage customers.  One of the podcasts talked about engaging with your customers, getting to know them and what their needs are, sometimes it's just a matter of "listening" sometimes your customer is not sure what they want so you have to know what questions to ask to help them decide.  You can learn so much for 20 minutes of your time.  I also learned about how to get paid which surprisingly sometimes can be difficult. helps you become more business savvy, I highly recommended it.

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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

Hi there @awesomegod52! Just click reply on my original post above and post the following:

  • a book/podcast/TED Talk/etc. that has made the biggest impact on your growth as a local business owner (bonus points if you include a link)
  • the lesson it taught you
  • why you’d recommend it to another Thumbtack pro
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Re: Contest Alert - Win $100 in Thumbtack credit!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! We will be announcing winners shortly Smiley Happy 

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