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Do any other "Account Managers" Do This?

I am asking all Pros who read this as well as all Thumbtack employees to help answer this question.  When my company hit Top Pro status we were assigned an account manager by the name of Kassandra. Supposedly this person is an employee of a third party hired by Thumbtack in order to better serve the needs of their pros.  In theory they are supposed to help you fine tune your profile, your responses to the FAQ sections, etc.  They are supposed to give you ideas about advertising, customer interactions, and all that.  Sounds great right?  Yes it does!  And the first conversation I had with mine was awesome.  I made the changes that she suggested.  And I made an appointment to speak with her in a few days to check to see if her suggestions had made any difference.  Unfortunately she called when I could not speak with her about this as I was in the middle of something else.  Then strangely, after rescheduling the call, she disappeared off the face of the earth!  I sent a few emails to the address that had been provided to me.  I called the support desk as that is the only phone number for these managers, only to never reach her. This was several months ago, by the way.

Then earlier this week I had a horrible interaction with a support agent from Thumbtack.  *Insert eye roll* And surprisingly enough they were able to connect me directly to my account manager (only after my 3rd call of the day).  We made an appointment to speak the following day.  About an hour before our call was scheduled to happen I received an email from her saying she was pulled into a very important and impromptu meeting and needed to push our call back 30 minutes.  Ok, I understand things come up, so I gave her a break.  However another hour goes by.  And still nothing.  No response from email and they do NOT put direct lines in the signature lines of emails.  So I do what anyone would do, I called the only number I had, the support line, asked for her by name.  The agent comes back after about a 10 minute wait saying she was on a call and would get back to me as soon as she could.

Yay!  I thought.  But no, it was only temporary.  Another block of time goes by.  I finally get an email from her telling me she would call in the next 10 minutes.  Again, I wait.  I might not be mentioning that I set this time aside for this, I could have been doing any number of things that needed to be done.  But here I am waiting on Thumbtack.  After another hour goes by I realize that it happened again.  You wanna talk about ghost leads?  Try ghost account managers.  You sit around all day waiting for a call that never comes.  There was no explanation, no email, no text message.  How long does it take to type out "Sorry I couldn't get back to you."  Or anything along that train of thought.  I'm taking way more time writing this than that type of message would have taken.  

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Re: Do any other "Account Managers" Do This?

I'm truly sorry to hear about this experience @CEBPlumbing. Our team is looking into this situation and is working hard to get it resolved as soon as possible. If you have any further questions or concerns about this, please send me a private message. 

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Re: Do any other "Account Managers" Do This?

I won't make any --excuse-- for the person(s) you had to deal with in this.  I am an ex-Call-Center and Data-Center person.  Actually - I was really GOOD at it, and I agree with YOU.... "follow up" (and agent accountability) is the NAME of that GAME.... if ya wanna be good.  ........... but Me???....   I am taking a far more "Self Motivated" (everything) approach to ThumbTack.... (my OWN responsibility as a TT-Contractor) Here is why:  

..... I got MY "Start"... with Home Adviser.  I am actually very thankful to HA...  Because of all the inter-contractor competition, it truly taught me how to "SELL" my service.... But--- it was so SO dang ---EXPENSIVE---(per Lead) and?  The "Agents" were absolutely wonderful folks / well educated etc.... But it was KINDA the same thing.  Meaning... ?  Unless it was a question of DIRECT TRAINING upon the web interface and various functions of it....   they were not "Much Help" with anything else.   And precisely BECAUSE I am familiar with the inner workings of call centers and tech support, it WAS pritty easy for ME to reach "Supervisers" and even one "Director" ... in one case.... and I'm telling you .............................................. it - was - pitiful.... 

Absolutely PITIFUL "service" that I got.   And I was laying out $250, 375$ and up to $650 ... per... WEEK!   yup, I myself never QUITE got up to $1000 dollars per week with HA..... but wouldn't you --THINK-- that for , all , that , money , I was dishing out (over a 2 year period!) .... that if I Called Them once in a while to ask a "sideways" or "uncommon" question... they could find a way to give ME some kind of "Customer Service"

NOPE...... no ............. no they did not.  in fact.   (it wasn't the 1st level agents fault- I KNEW this, it was "Policy") but it was highly ........ HIGHLY insulting to me.   Here I AM .... I had wne SEVERAL awards with them, being a nearly 100percent 5-star Contractor.... paying what (to ME) was a LOT of dough each week.... and THEY ALWAYS SEEMED TO TAKE THE SIDE OF (my) CUSTOMERS IF THERE WAS --ANY-- KIND OF COMPLAINT..... (never me)... NUTHIN'..... they were NEVER "on my side".... when I had a SERIOUS "need".  NEVER. .... no service to speak of.  AND no respect.  AND .... I was paying a LOT.  These were EXPENSIVE leads-  it was ridonkulous. 

Back when I was a call-center agent, then an "Account Manager"... I was promoted within MY call center INTO the Data Center itself (back in the day) b/c I was extremely good at what I did....  I was supporting a proprietary web-application too at the very beginning of my career there (Like THESE Guys in TT do) but in "my" case??? I was supporting Real Estate Franchises.  Supporting the real estate agents themselves (learning to use our web interface) in differing offices across the entire country  Century 21, ERA, and Coldwell Banker.... and Century 21 actually gave ME an award.... (they LOVED me) this wasn't from my ---employer--- mind you.   It was from THE CUSTOMER. 

That would be like YOU giving Thumbtack an award... or your account manager an award.....  (I have "Been There" and I have done it---- myself)  .... so, I do KNOW and understand what you mean-- about "follow up".  And BELIEVE ME............. I have had "insanely angry" customers in the past, .... but that was WHY they were usually passed over to me.... I became "known" as good at handling the tough cases.  Not all agents can BE "a star".  But yes, you WOULD think an "account manager" would be "accountable" .... to YOU (that's the whole idea.... I did THAT too...)

The reason I told the whole STORY about "Home Adviser" is this.

I'm quite Quite HAPPY with Thumbtack right now.... And I do my best to "Handle Things" myself.   (your own business may be HUGE... maybe you guys have a LOT of "action" here.... I have not looked you up yet).... but, I feel I get a fairly FANTASTIC return for the money I do put into it ..... after comparing it WITH - Home Adviser.

But then again, I AM still a "small fish" here... just a lone contractor.  I DO INTEND.... to wind up with my own (much larger) business AND my own dang call center tho'.....  you can bet on it...

Long Story Short....?   I think that TT is probably TRYING it's best to be as "efficient" as possible.... without jacking up it's pricing to the MOON.  (HA was just a bunch of dang "PIRATES" that keept looting my bank account!)  TT...? .... So far, they're doing pritty good.   .... when I try to ---imagine--- the COMPLEXITIES involved with "Filtering" through incoming questions from our potential clients.... Anybody (drunk, high, mentally ill, or just plain)--- "DREAMING" that they THINK they wanna do a job.... categorizing it correctly, and supplying staff to keep (our) customers "in line" AND supplying contractors with support and training.....   I'm just so Happy NOT to be paying the bill.... that I was with H.A.....  it was almost "theft" as far as I am concerned.   With a SEVERE lack of empathy for the contractors.  God it was brutal.

TT is a "bargain"--- I am doing my best to get a full "handle" on how to use it right.  And hopefully, also... for when I do get "bigger".   I'm taking it one step at a time... so far, so good.  

I'm thankful to ThumbTack... thus far.  But I DON'T expect.... 

and I do not "WANT"....................... "White Glove Service" ................... nope.  I am still learning the interface. 

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Re: Do any other "Account Managers" Do This?

I freaking LOVE ... ThumbTack


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