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Enlist a pro in their field to help TT write a request for customers

Here is what I mean, (the title description wouldn't allow me to explain).

I will just use myself as an example. I am a pet sitter. This is what I need to know ---

1. When do you want pet sitting? Don't just leave it blank. Most clients do, or say "not sure". Make it be required to answer. I need to know. Just because my calendar looks empty doesn't mean I may have other commitments and have to plan accordingly.

2. Location. Not just a zip code. There used to be a section for closest cross streets. It would help me in determining if the job is too far away. Setting my distance in my profile is useless, I am forced to pick a city (of course, my city is not listed) so I have to pick Fort Lauderdale, which is huge. I have a 5 mile radius, not 40 miles!

3. Length of visit/walk. Who came up with a short visit/walk is 30 minutes? It is not! Short visits/walks are 15 minutes, longer visits/walks are 30 minutes. Nobody ever asked for a 60 minute walk, it is way too hot here, the dog would have heatstroke! Why can't I get realistic times with realistic prices?

I know every profession has their own unique questions that need to be asked. These are just mine. I think that if TT actually asked a pro in each profession for advice on what to ask, things would work out better. I personally can't respond to the majority of my requests because of lack of information. 

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Re: Enlist a pro in their field to help TT write a request for customers

@cranichik thank you for writing this out as I'm sure these suggestions will be valuable things for our product teams to look into and consider!

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