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Friendship Day: It takes a village

Got a friend? It’s time to get the band back together and get out there to celebrate Friendship Day! The first Sunday of August was designated Friendship Day by the US Congress in 1935 when the world saw a need to celebrate friendship after the First World War. Now there are many different claims as to who started it, when it started, and why it started but no matter the story or where it came from, we all know how important a good friend can be. 


With a kid on the way, I often think of the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, and I know I can count on my friends to be there. They are my village. I think the same could be said about running a business. It’s your “baby” it takes your time and attention and you can’t always do it alone. 


That’s where your “village” comes in. Your friends. Maybe you just met them here in the Community, or maybe you’ve known them since you were kids. They may even be your business partner! These are the people you can fall back on and they’ll be there to catch you. If you’re looking to expand your village, that’s where we come in. We’re here to listen to you, support you and help you connect with other pros to build a strong network of friends. 


In honor of Friendship Day, I’d love to hear from all of you, my friends in the community. How have your friends been a support to you along the way? What friends have you made through your business? What are the ways that you’ve found to expand your “village”? Share your experience with us below or even share a memory of a great friend.

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Re: Friendship Day: It takes a village

@taylor As we build friendships here in the community, we gravitate to those who we can trust. I hold trust so high that my profile includes the phrase: "A Proven Trust Builder".

Look deep and ask yourself who you trust. Are they in your Tribe? Are they in your Village? Are they in your Band? These are important questions. Answer them in silence. No need to announce it here in front of all of use. Share the names of those trusted friends with your family. Tell your wife why you trust those friends.

And, every time I am asked by Thumbtack to "Give Us Your Feedback" I rank Thumbtack at 0 (strongly dissagree) in terms of how well I agree with the statement: "I trust Thumbtack to make the right decisions for me". Every time. The needle is not moving. In the words of the current generation: "You Gotta Do Better."

Just one man's opinion.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections