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Level 11

Re: Soon Customers can find you right away


Who cares how many badges one gets? Why doesn't TT just take care of all of our issues/concerns, and not pacify us with "Your feedback is being forwarded" "We are looking into it" "Here's a link as to how to succeed", etc

Level 6

Re: Let’s talk about search results

Honest to God, I think Thumbtack cares WAY more about awarding us "badges" based on "kudos" than actually listening to what we're saying.

Are you listening to the feedback, Thumbtack?

Level 6

Are these badges good for anything???

As a user of this Community, I started to earn different badges. But I don't understand what they are, what is the use of them.

Is this badge thing really that big? Maybe because I am coming from a different culture, but I cannot appreciate these badges. I think those virtual badges are ridiculous. I am not 6 years old anymore, who collects stamps and stickers when performs well...