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Moderator Meckell

Happy first day of Summer!

It’s June 21st, which means it’s finally Summer! This is a time for me to indulge in all of my favorite activities such as camping, hiking, and boating. It is also a time where I tackle the to-do list that I’ve been putting off for months and months. @JSGDS @Sarah-Rooforia @TheLast10SF @Sav I’m sure you’re getting a lot of customers reaching out who are also tackling their to-do list. How do you manage work and fun? Are you able to get a little bit of play in? What tips do you have for other pros who are busy but also want to get out and enjoy the summer from time to time?

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Re: Happy first day of Summer!

Thanks for the shoutout @Meckell, though you have to remember summer in San Francisco is not like summer most anywhere - FOG, FOG, FOG!!!!!  Still, there's a few things I'm doing differently:

1) take outside projects. so skipping the closet remodels to build fences, planters, benches, etc.

2) take on some bigger projects and block out time in between, so scheduling vacation balanced with making sure there's money coming in

3) stay local, so don't spend 60 minutes commuting to be home more

Just a couple thoughts. 


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Re: Happy first day of Summer!

Thank you for the mention! I used to work every day but holidays and family gatherings- now I control my scheudle so that I dont have to work on sundays. Theres never time for fun, you have to make time! 

Moderator Meckell

Re: Happy first day of Summer!

Love this @Sav!