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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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What is thumb tacks view on the tire kickers of the world that submit forbids and then never respond to even the first response we make? That becomes very expensive a lot of times when people don't understand that we get charged for the initial contact?
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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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What steps and training can be implemented to improve customer service received by Thumbtack? ( I always feel like they are never apologetic or sympathetic to my concerns.)
Second question, is how can Thumbtack be more transparent with the rates being charged to us vendors? And, what steps are we making to ensure we are only receiving quality leads and not fakes?


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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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@sm00thm00d I'm truly sorry to hear that you haven't had great experiences with our support team. We strive to deliver the best experience possible and would love any feedback regarding your situation. Please send me a private message with more details and I'd be happy to talk through it with you. 

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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@sm00thm00d I'm glad to see that Meckell was able to get to read and respond to your post. I also wanted to let you know that part of your post was chosen and addressed in the live Q&A. Feel free to check out the recording HERE and you can skip to 19:35 for your question specifically. 

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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That’s great. Yes, I listened live. Thank you for answering my question!
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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Why hasn't TT required those in need of services to be a *specific* as possible when requesting work, specifically photography work.  Providing a range for their budget helps but for a while, this was removed and then replaced.  Why would any pro submit a quote to someone who clearly does not understand what goes in to capturing images and they don't offer ANY number regarding what their budget is?  If someone states they can pay this much, I can then decide if this is something I want to submit a quote for because I [KNOW] exactly what they are willing to pay - even a ballpark range helps.

This has been an ongoing challenge and quite frankly why I'm seriously considering leaving TT, it just does NOT lend itself to a pro when they have to pay to *connect* with a potential client but with no idea what they are willing and able to spend.  

I was charged $22 dollars and change on a quote that did not offer any range of budget only to find out they wanted Ferrari performance at a Nissan price.  The more info the potential client provides, the better off PROs are when deciding to connect or pass on something that is not in their best financial interest. 


This is seemingly an ongoing issue and again, I'm ready to depart if this does not improve.  [this is ongoing from this time last year]  


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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Since the pricing has risen to the astronomical and all small businesses are feeling financially misused, what do you plan to do to protect us business owners?

There is no way for us to know if a prospective client is a real lead or not. Now in days, scamming is on the rise to an even more complex degree and we have no guard up to shield us. There need to be mandatory buttons implemented for customers to choose after they read our quote. “Are you interested? Yes, No, Maybe.” Adding an additional line that allows them to elaborate if they wish would be great.

We need to know if these people just want to ask 20 questions/window shop or if they’re serious buyers. I don’t want to pay 60 bucks for a browser. It’s utterly ridiculous!

Thumbtack was actually a primary source of leads for TTD but since the changes, my business sales have plummeted.  I’ve had no choice but to stop using Thumbtack. I have been waiting with the hopes of new changes that will honor and respect each of us hard-working business owners. Less income, suspicious leads, higher prices equals a lose-lose for us all.

Marc we are counting on you to protect the business owners that have led to Thumbtack’s great success. Thank you for your time.


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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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I echo Chef_Aneva's grievences totally.  Since things keep getting changed, my business as a Wedding Officiant has drastically dropped.  I usually have around 50-60 wedding booked out for the next 12 months but currently, I only have 29.  Seeing that this is my primary source of income, this creates quite a bit of hardship for me and my family. Besides the prices wavering, my biggest problem is that I am competing against 15 other "pros" who most of them do not EVER respond to inquiries with a quote.  The better choice would be like it used to be and allow the first 5 pros to respond and then shut it down to others.  These "pros" that never respond are not pros, they're hobbyist and don't take the job seriously.  

I too have questions on some requests we receive where the person checks in and then responds "Sounds good, what's next?" and then goes into a deep black hole to be heard from never again.   But I paid for that black hole response.  smh  There's gotta be a better way.  I've also had spammers that want to send me a certified check...not happening. LOL  

Someone is making money but it's not me...well at least not what I used to make.  Take a minute and compare what I have paid TT annually over the past 3 years verse what I have paid you the past 12 months.  I paid a lot but I made a I pay a little but don't get much in return.  Quality verses Quantity is best.  Another wedding site I use, I can almost guarantee that one lead from them will become a contract.  Unfortunately they don't provide as many leads as TT does.

Please HELP Marco.  Thank you.

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Thumbtack is 10 years old and is a 'mature' platform by internet standards. After 10 years in business I would expect that Thumbtack would have a thorough appreciation of how best to serve its end-users (those who really are looking to hire a Pro) and the Pros themselves.

This doesn't appear to be the case as far as the Pros go. The changes Thumbtack made in 2018 (and the ongoing changes this year) have not been well received by the Pros to put it mildly.

Virtually every Pro who has taken the time to post in this thread has issues with the changes Thumbtack has chosen to make. Reading the posts of the Pros in this thread it is abundantly clear that something has gone horribly wrong with Thumbtack. Many Pros are in 'damage control mode' trying to make sense of why these changes were made in the first place, changes that they report have had a demonstrable negative effect on how they do business on Thumbtack.

I bet if you'd pitched the notion of Promote/Search to the Pro's here 12 months ago the overwhelming concensus would have been that it wasn't going to work. If Thumbtack really had a handle on what its Pros tick and what the Pros want then Promote/Search (and before that the now defunct Instant Match) surely wouldn't have seen the light of day.

I accept that the Pros only have a 'micro' view of things. I do. I'm interested in what Thumbtack can do for my business. Thumbtack has a 'macro' view, or a marco view if your spell checker isn't working.

Despite assurances from Thumbtack that they want their Pro's to be successful I recognize that the profitability of Thumbtack itself will always come first; that's just the nature of business. A good business should strive to build and maintain a good working relationship with its customers. That can be tricky because businesses have to strike a careful balance between their own desire to be a profitable whilst at the same time serving the needs of it's customers and being fair to them. 

Thumbtack I believe has failed to do this. The overwhelming negative feedback from Pros in this thread (and others threads) is damning. 

The recent changes have I am sure been very successful for Thumbtack's bottom line. That I believe was the primary reason for implementing the new 'Promote' revenue model. Thumbtack know that there are vastly more end-users than Pros so it makes sense for Thumbtack to place revenue generating control firmly in the hands of its end-users rather than its Pros. By automatically charging Pros the first time any end-user reaches out to them directly they have accomplished that.

Removing key functionality from Pros who choose not to use Promote also makes perfect sense to Thumbtack. They want as many Pros using Promote as possible because then Thumbtack can automatically charge its Pros when a lead reaches out to them. It will get to a point (if we're not already there now) where if you're not using Promote you'll get so few genuine leads that Thumbtack effectively becomes redundant to your business. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Thumbtack eventually decide to make Promote mandatory for all Pros. 

We are told that Promote was designed to put Pros in touch with the leads that they want. If that was actually happening then automatically paying for leads through Promote would be an easier (but still bitter pill) to swallow. 

It isn't happening though is it? A lot of the time the leads I receive (and are automatically charged for) are not leads that I want. Read this thread and you'll find countless other Pro's reporting the same thing. Some of the leads I am getting are not suitable for my business. Why is that? It's because the 'service preferences' that we as Pro's set to define what we do and what we charge are woefully inadequate. It is nigh on impossible to set 'service preferences' that reflect an accurate 'estimate' price Thumbtack presents to end-users on our behalf.

Every type of business is different, every type of businesses service preferences are different. Every Pro is different. Every lead is different. With Promote Thumbtack are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The net result is that sometimes Thumbtack will automatically charge Pros for leads that the Pros cannot reasonably be expected to service for a whole variety of reasons. 

Here are some examples of mine...

  • I'm never going to do a two hour gig three hours drive away for $300. I'll still be automatically charged for that lead.
  • I'm not going to do a gig at an assisted living facility. I'll still be automatically charged for that lead.
  • I'm not going to do a gig in Orlando at 6pm on Saturday because I have a gig at 3pm in Tampa. I'll still be automatically charged for that lead. If the 6pm gig was also in Tampa though then I would be able to do bid on the gig.

These deficiencies of the Thumbtack system aren't a pressing concern. With the new pricing model they want as many leads reaching out to me as possible because then Thumbtack can automatically charge me for those leads. It doesn't matter if the lead is suitable for my business or not, Thumbtack will charge me regardless.

If the goal of Promote was to put me in touch with leads who can afford to hire me and leads who I can actually service then it is failing badly. I do not want to pay for (nor should I pay for) leads who cannot afford to hire me or leads that I legitimately cannot service.

I believe it is the automatic charging of Pro's for unsuitable leads that is causing the biggest misery for Pro's here. There are other problems (such as dwindling numbers of leads) but automatically charging for leads is the biggest bugbear.

I'm sure that Thumbtack will say that 'Promote' is just an option and that it's not for everyone. True. Frankly though because Thumbtack have removed certain features from their platform I think it is fair to say that for most non-Promote Pro's there seems little point in using Thumbtack anymore. They've been hamstrung.

Thumbtack tell us that they want their Pros to be successful. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and take them at their word that they really do want that.

What would it take for ME to be successful on Thumbtack?

First, ditch the Promote system and new revenue model. It's not working for me, its not working for hardly anyone here apparently and to be blunt its proving to be an abject failure. I defy anyone who reads this thread and the comments of the other Pros to conclude otherwise.

Switch to a revenue model that is focussed on doing what you're supposed to be doing for ME which is connecting me with potential  future customers. Potential customers who have a genuine desire to actually hire someone or someone like me and to whom I can pitch my services and have a reasonable chance of being hired often enough so that what I pay you to use your service becomes a sound investment.

That isn't happening at the moment.

At present the vast majority of times I'm paying Thumbtack for leads who are 'ghosts', 'tirekickers' or simply 'unsuitable'. These leads never hire anyone on Thumbtack. Most of the leads I receive are like that. They don't respond, they don't hire me, they don't hire anyone on Thumbtack. Why? Because these leads never had a genuine interest or desire to hire someone. They were just fishing for prices or window shopping.

Here's an idea, you tell me if this is fair.

You send me leads that fit the broad parameters in my perferences. If they turn out to be a 'ghost' or a 'tirekicker' no harm no foul, it happens, at least you haven't charged me for the privilege of finding out. If a lead turns out to be 'unsuitable' for any reason then I'll decline the lead, I'm sure there will be other Pros who will be better able to fulfill their needs. I'm not going to be angry or annoyed that you made me pay for an 'unsuitable' lead.

When I close a lead, any lead, charge me a flat fee - say 10% of that lead's estimated value - is that fair? Would that work, or do so few Pro's actually ever get hired on Thumbtack that when you crunch the numbers you figure you'd make less money than you do now with Promote?

I'd love to have a discussion about a fairer and simpler revenue model like that. If we can have that kind of discussion then perhaps we can get back on track. If Thumbtack really are determined to stick with Promote and its current revenue model I don't think there is much room for meaningful discussion. The changes Thumbtack made are not working and I think you would be doing a huge disservice to the Pros who have supported your business all these years by ignoring their feedback and persisting with Promote.


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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Why aren't customers informed of the charges each pro is hit with when contacted for availability or an estimate? We all know why, but really think about what it could do for thumbtack if there were happy pros and more serious customers.