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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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@Lai @THEPack if customers have stated that they will travel to you originally through the job form, but then state otherwise to you in the messenger, the best thing to do would be to use the new in product refund process:

Our teams will be able to review your refund request and then let you know the final outcome.

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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my same question, not to mention prices have gone up for wedding photographers a 450 dollar wedding for a 22 dollar fee

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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I agree! I also posted same issue. Of we could at least see if it was viewed. Have been told "we dont guarantee the hire..."we can't "fight for the hire" if we can't directly contact people. Makes you think they're fake requests just put money in TT pockets

Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Very good well said.Theres always going b all little ghosting going on but they have to get the technology to do so.
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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Hello, Marco (please hang in there with me, I know this is rather long but SO important, and my questions are at the bottom):

First off, I just want to thank you for revving up the Thumbtack community, as well as hosting this live Q&A.

I shall preface saying that, in my opinion, I feel the Legal Category has to be one of your hardest to please because there are rules and limitations for law firms/attorneys to abide by in a forum like this; there's actually a very fine line.  With that said, I would like to explain a couple of things and then ask my question (sorry for the story, but really wanted to share it with you - you can scroll down for the questions!).

I started with TT in 2014, hesitant at first because of some bad reviews and people saying it's a "scam", etc.  Here's a true story: When I approached my attorneys with the idea of using Thumbtack for leads, after explaining the service, they all said, "No, that's not how we get clients, will be a waste of time and money." Luckily for me, my husband owns the law firm so I was able to do as I pleased, thinking, it's our money, I'm going to try it; and at the time, Thumbtack showed up on the 10th page of Google Search, literally.

About six months later, I was laughing all the way to the bank - Thumbtack had literally tripled our clientele! Not only clientele, but it also placed us on the map of Google (we didn't even have a website up).  As you may see from our profile, we've been hired 296 times, and that's actually inaccurate because, from being so busy those first almost three years of using TT, I would forget to mark MANY clients "Hired".

Once I realized Thumbtack was a legit leads service, and after speaking to many of the nicest and most caring customer service-oriented people I had ever spoken to (when you guys were in Utah), I went around the Internet and condemned all the negative comments and then posted our experience and success along with it, right under their negative comments. I called every business owner I knew and told them about Thumbtack, even setting it up for a few of them.  Thumbtack also Spotlighted us back in the day, which was truly an honor, as well as Thumbtack asking me to be a supporter for other Pro's (can't remember what you called it back then).  So, for all of this aforementioned statement, we thank you for the best leads serve we ever had and we still only use Thumbtack for leads.

However, now, ever since the new pricing changed, and evidently other things that changed - starting late 2018, I'm lucky to get anywhere from 1 to 4 leads a day, and sometimes none at all.  I was used to getting SO many leads, which I answered ALL of them (as long as it was in our categories of practice and 98% of them were), even all thru the weekend.  Please allow me to show you our numbers from 2017 to now; these are leads that have been entered into our legal software, meaning, leads that they or I have reached out to from/on Thumbtack only (PLEASE, PLEASE look at this graph because I really want/need to understand!!):

January 2017 - 22-TT Leads

February 2017 - 32-TT Leads

March 2017 - 34-TT Leads

April 2017 - 31-TT Leads

May 2017 - 37-TT Leads 

June 2017 - 34-TT Leads 

July 2017 - 37-TT Leads 

August 2017 - 31-TT Leads 

September 2017 - 63-TT Leads 

October 2017 - 57-TT Leads 

November 2017 - 49-TT Leads 

December 2017 - 26-TT Leads 

January 2018 - 37-TT Leads

February 2018 - 31-TT Leads

March 2018 -  33-TT Leads

April 2018 - 36-TT Leads

May 2018 - 27-TT Leads

June 2018 - 45-TT Leads

July 2018  - 33-TT Leads

August 2018 - 20-TT Leads

September 2018 - 10-TT Leads

October 2018 - 10-TT Leads

November 2018 - 13-TT Leads

December 2018 - 3-TT Leads

January 2019 - 8-TT Leads 

February 2019 - 4-TT Leads 

March 2019 - 7-TT Leads 

As you can see from 2019 thus far, I am not getting leads!  We are so confused and worried.  What happened?  I'm not sure if this is happening to other categories on Thumbtack, but it surely is in ours.  We're Top Pros, have been 2 or 3 times - I do forget to mark Hired and in our field it's very hard to get clients to leave reviews because oftentimes, their case is anywhere from 1 - 5 years long; they're done, they're exhausted, their angry for all the money they've spent, even if they've won their case (we do A LOT of family law), they just don't want to think about it any longer. And, if they didn't win, then of course, no matter how hard we worked and did what they asked, etc., they blame the attorney.  And, that's hard because we get judged by Thumbtack for reviews...we HAVE to have x-amount of reviews so we can make Top Pro.

So, here are some questions; questions for you, Thumbtack, hoping you can help us understand, and questions for the call tomorrow evening that might hopefully help others in my category, and if I'm so lucky enough to have it read.

For Thumbtack:

1.  Is there any way someone in Marketing, like a supervisor, or maybe even the owner, someone who CAN make a difference in this category, to give me a call so I can discuss with them SO many things that are wrong with this category vs other lead places that are for legal customers? I don't want to not use Thumbtack - I LOVE Thumbtack and continue to support Thumbtack and tell everyone I meet, even just standing in line at the market Smiley Happy

2.  We have to follow strict guidelines and rules governing what we can do with places that have client leads.  There have been several times that I've received a request from both sides of a pending divorce/custody matter.  It's stressful because we can't see the whole name so if I've spoken, say, to the wife (which we have to take notes) and say she hires us (but even if she didn't hire us, this next sentence can be problematic); and then I get a request from the husband, and since I can't see the name and I get the lead, I'm reading whatever it is he writes - he could have written about personal details about himself or even his wife - if he does this, this could become a conflict of interest. We would have to tell the new client/wife what happened, which then violates the husbands right to privacy, give her money back, but we would still be charged for the lead - I'm hoping this makes sense.  There are LOTS of these scenarios, and they've happened to us.  And, remember, each state has different rules.  I'm wondering if Thumbtack speaks to attorneys in different states to ask these important questions?

3.  Why do you think, upon looking at our Thumbtack numbers from our software, we are no longer being pursued?

For the Conference Call:

1.  Our category, the legal category, is very different from all the other categories - we have to follow strict guidelines and rules governing what we can do with sites that provide client leads.  Will Thumbtack consider a change in this category for proper vetting so we, the Pro, won't end up with leads from both sides of the parties involved (and this can be, really, from any practice area)?

2.  Again, for the legal category - I noticed when looking at our profile as from a possible new client point of view, I see that ours and other businesses say "In high demand". At first sight, it's really nice to see, but then I started thinking, "What if people are bypassing us thinking we are too busy, or since we're popular, maybe are prices are higher."  Do you feel this statement could deter possible clients from reaching out to us?

Thank you so very much for your time in reading this, and for all your efforts in helping all of us Pro's succeed and strengthen our businesses!

Very truly yours,

Tana Corporon
Director of Administration & Marketing
Law Offices of Randy B Corporon PC

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Just so you know Tana, my excel sheet with TT for the last 5 years looks just like yours. Same success pattern same concerns now. If everyone is experiencing the same disappointment - how does that get changed back to a system where top pros have positive results? Allowing customers to respond to as many pros they want to - with no limitations - reduces our chance of being booked. A fact. And the increased price doest allow for us to maintain profitability. 250 views and 1 contact? Sure I may book that 1 contact but that is not the point now. I don’t believe this platform will change. TT is happy and how it works for their bottom line so unfortunately, if changes are not made so our numbers go back to where we experienced great success, this will be the numbers we will continue to see. So let’s hope there is real change coming and I don’t continue to see that 11 pros were contacted by one customer for one simple job and never k owing that any pro was ever even hired.
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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Hi, JCP:

So sorry you're having the same issue, but it's good for me to see that I'm not amiss with this issue.

Oh, yes, you are correct about profitability with the higher pricing, it's insane that it increased higher than some "legal only" leads place where they actually vet the potential client, require a phone number and all the other processes they do to HELP convert that lead, which is why one pays more for their services.  Thumbtack doesn't vet at all, yet charges high and ever higher prices than those legal only places.

I want to stay with Thumbtack, but if it doesn't change, I need to put my money where the business is, you know?

Thank you so much for your comment!

Tana Corporon

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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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@TanaCorporon Well said and Thank you for posting this! As a fellow attorney on TT I can say that my results have been very much the same for me. TT once was a very reliable and large source of business and the best conversion rate of all of the lead services I use. It has now dropped to the worst from an analytics perspective.

I am happy to assist in any way that I can to champion this matter. Things have to change for us to stay interested.



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Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Hi, Mr.:

Thank you so much for your reply.  I was a bit stressed writing my post because it was so long, but, I have conveyed this problem, issue, matter, whatever one what's to call it, many times to several customer service reps.  Each time they say they will look into it and get back to me - they never do.

When Thumbtack was out of Utah, seriously, it was truly the best.  I get it, businesses grow and that's a good thing...for them, but it seems the "customer service" part gets lost somehow, unfortunately.

My lead numbers do not lie - I could show proof as the display in our software but I can't because client names are attached.  I remember at one point thinking I would hire a person just to handle Thumbtack because that's how many leads and follow-ups and calls needed to happen and I just started running out of time to keep up.  Now, as I've said, I'm lucky to get 2 or 3.  Today, I've received 3 leads, yesterday I received 5 leads and only 4 on the 18th. Worse, only 2 on the 16th.  

I truly don't understand what they've done to ruin our category. I would think they were making more money the other way, don't you? I mean, as I've said, my numbers don't lie. And, when I look through 2015 and 2016, especially 2016 - I used to get A LOT of leads.  I hope we can get some answers tonight.

Again, thank you so much for reading my post and for commenting. I was hoping I got my message across, although, there is more to say.

Take care!
Tana Corporon

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Re: Have a question for Marco?

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Thank you for sharing this, @TanaCorporon. I appreciate you taking the time to write such a thoughtful post. 

First and foremost, I just want to note quickly that we're still based in Utah.  Our Salt Lake City office is the home of many of our most crucial teams and function areas. 

Beyond that, let me say that I hate to hear that you aren't seeing the same success that you used to.

At the end of the day, we’re your partners and we are in this with you: if you aren’t succeeding, then we aren’t succeeding either. Teams of people are working day and night to make sure you have all of the tools you need to find success on Thumbtack. We’re rooting for you.

If you aren’t finding success on Thumbtack, let’s find out why. Check out all of the tools at your fingertips or contact us through our support channels. Ultimately, we want you to succeed and we’ll help you do that. We want you to get a lot of leads and we want you to get hired as much as you can handle.

You should also look to each other and support one another! That’s what this Community is ultimately all about - that’s why we created it.  Check out these SelfMade stories and these inspiring posts from pros like you, who have found success here. Try posting your own question, or replying to another pro’s thread.  Poke around. There are a ton of great tips and great advice coming from other pros, and we’d love for you to share some of your own, too.

Finally, if you have thoughts on what, specifically, we should change or what, specifically, isn't working, then we're all ears.  We know that Thumbtack isn't perfect. So share you're feedback here. Everything posted in this Community gets recorded and shared back with the relevant teams.

I hope that helps.  And of course, don't hesitate to reach out to our moderators, @Meckell and @Kameron, if you have more specific questions about your account. We're all here to help. 

Thanks again. 

Thank you to the other pros who also shared related questions about finding success. @lar @Kelvin @Nnservices @lai @CSID-Inc @AlikiKibouri @LindaZ @K-9 @BeDeCluttered @MR @jcp @rgyanks @JHampOfficiant @RichieKaye @Travelagent01 @Vegasminister @wincincala2 @Patriotdoor @handsonmusicllc @Blanche @zona5101 @Kartisme01 

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