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Help TIP* Adding city in your business name

I have found that adding the City where my gym/business is located has greatly reduced the amount of "window shoppers" who eat up our budget with the drop down questions like "when are you available" even if your calender is populated. I live in the Bay Area and it may take 30 mintues to an hour just to drive 5-10 Miles. So giving a city in your title allows the window shoppers a location that might take to long to travel to even though they are in your designated radius. So until Thumbtack can create some more sub cats for location like "time willing to travel" you can be on the proactive side and give this a try. This use to account for about 10 or 60% of my (paid first contacts) because they were far from legit leads. And it's reduced it by half so although I'm still getting burnt by window shoppers I'm saving $200 dollars a month.
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Re: Help TIP* Adding city in your business name

Thanks for sharing this tip with other pros @Elitefitness! This is a pain point we've heard from personal trainers in the past. Have you seen or read about the new setting option: New travel preferences: set how far customers can travel to you? If not I definitely recommend reading over the post and using that setting as well.

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