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Hires for current year.

If this question was ever asked, please accept my apologies as I can't find it.

Is there a way when a "customer" searches for Pros, that they are able to see our current number of hires for 2019? This way they can see how active on Thumbtack that a Pro has been for the current year.


DJ Stevie 9-23-2019

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Re: Hires for current year.

@DJStevie when a customer views a pros profile, they see the total amount of hires on Thumbtack. It's not broken down year by year, but this is a great suggestion!

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Re: Hires for current year.

@DJStevie @Meckell  I honestly think that a feature like this would hurt Pros who have been negatively impacted by Instant Match/Promote/Target.  For example, up until last fall, I've had 50+ hires via Thumbtack.  And since the platform changed, I've had 0 hires so far in 2019.  I would rather # of hires be aggregate as opposed to linking it to a timeframe.

Re: Hires for current year.

@RCPS I wholeheartedly agree. Since November 2018 until last June, I was not hired once on this site. Frankly, I had given up on Thumbtack and stopped checking the leads and Jobortunities for a few months. Nothing was really there that interested me or if it did, the price was too high. I do not pay 15% for any lead that has a high risk of non-refundable ghosting. Last June, I answered a lead that converted. Since then, my interest in TT was rejuvenated. Last month I dipped my toe in the water for Targetting/Promote; but on a very limited basis that protects me from pre-paying for undesirable leads and still maintains my high presence in the searches. 

I do not think it a good idea for our potential customers to know whether or not any of us had a favorable year on this particular site. They have no way of knowing how many policy changes have occured these past 24 months and how they affected many of us. I am a popular choice in other venues and do not want to be perceived in any way as undesirable by the public. 

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Re: Hires for current year.

Agree, 100% with @RCPS