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Hiring Sub Contractors

We have been working with and through Thumbtack for a couple of years now, and at times we get large projects both on and off of thumbtack, this discussion being the latter, an insurance project that was obtained off of Thumbtack. We have been awarded the business, and as a General Contracting firm, with larger projects we source out components of the job to other suppliers.

It has been brought to our attention that we CAN NOT hire any other Thumbtack users, regardless that it is a valid opportunity of which we wanted to “share the wealth” amongst some of our own fellow Thumbtackers... Our requests have been deleted...

Sadly, we will use other sources for thousands of dollars of work (that our outfit can handle solely “in-house” on a smaller project) in lieu of Thumbtack due to policy...

I understand Thumbtack not wishing to have other “pros” looking to get bids from pros for prosperity, but it is also a lost opportunity for other fellow Thumbtackers... Is there any way a General Contractor can get some leeway on this when it’s completely above board and truly offers opportunity to others as it isn’t even a Thumbtack lead?!? Frankly, our company never buys leads from Thumbtack for “General Contracting” as the new system charges exhorbitantly ($75) which most of those leads aren’t even what we consider “General Contracting” job value...

Hope we can a find a way to work with other quality Thimbtack users when we have projects that require more “bodies”...

I’d love to expand my stable to provide opportunities to qualified sub-contractors when business warrants it.

We are located in the NW suburbs of Chicago, and often have large projects (always sourced outside of Thumbtack) that we hire painters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, tilers, drywall installers, carpenters etc... (Typically for projects in excess of $100k)

Best of luck to all of you.

David Magnuson
JDM Contracting & Home Services, Inc.
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Re: Hiring Sub Contractors

Thanks for reaching out @Maggie! As of right now, it's part of our Terms of Use that pros can't create a job for the same service they offer. You bring up some great points for General Contractors, and I'll be sure to submit your feedback to our Product Team. If you have any other suggestions about this, don't hesitate to let us know. 

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Re: Hiring Sub Contractors

Hi David
Google Electrians in Chicago as well as the other trades and have your project manager or foreman contact them to speak with their lead personnel
After a brief conversation you will both know if you’re a good fit
We also don’t use lead generation services as there prices are ridiculous and we are also a well established business
This option has worked for us
Hope this helps