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How are unlicensed "PROS" on here being able to advertise if a license is required in the state?

Had a fellow "PRO" recently look me up outside of Thumbtack and hired me for a massage.  Claimed he was a fellow Licensed Massage Therapist and had a Thumbtack account.  I couldnt find him online but he did show me his account on his phone (which I noted was not visible currently due to non-payments).

Anyhow went through with the session and unfortunately esp afterward the session, was inappropriate and unprofessional.  And then couldn't pay and a few days later refused to pay!!!

Anyhow, tried to look him up in the Texas licensing database and cant find him. So I dont think he is legit and so I cant report him to the board. But it go me thinking to see how many LMTs are on here in Texas that are not licensed verifed.  There are lots!

How are non verified licensed massage therapist able to post profiles on here when it is Texas law to be licensed?!?!?  This needs to be changed ASAP!

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Re: How are unlicensed "PROS" on here being able to advertise if a license is required in the state?

@StephOnnie I'm so very sorry that this has happened. When it comes to licensing pros are expected to be aware of and operate within their local licensing laws. Pro and customer safety is something that we take very seriously at Thumbtack. If you haven't already reported this incident with the other pro please either reach out to our support team or send me a direct message with more of the details. Once we have that information our Marketplace Trust and Safety team will be notified and start working with you to see how we can help. 

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