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Re: Inspiration - Tell us your story.

We started our moving business in 2009.  My husband had been layed off by his employer and only living on my paycheck!  We started with just one small truck working out of our basement of our home.  My husband found Thumbtack online and we immediately saw how valuable and how differnt Thumbtack is from other lead generating sites.  With the help of Thumbtack to get our name into the community we now have a fleet of over 20 trucks and a 10,000 sq ft warehouse.  10 years strong and still loving what we do!

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Re: Inspiration - Tell us your story.

@a2bmoving this is such a moving story - thank you so much for sharing!

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Re: Inspiration - Tell us your story.

Love this @a2bmoving

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Re: Inspiration - Tell us your story.

My name is Rafalar.  I am retired and its been kind of hard to live off of SSC.  I love to help people.  I have been doing this most of my life.  I started a wedding business about 10 years ago.  After retirement, I decided to get back into it.  After my mother passed away, I became ill.  I spent several months in the hospital.  I know I was stressed and worn out.  I was the caregiver for my mother.  

Now I need more income coming in so I decided to get in back in touch with Thumbtack.  I am pretty much starting over.  Thank you for listening.


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Re: Inspiration - Tell us your story.

@RLHIGH2019 We are here to support you and I am your biggest cheerleader! Please let us know how things go, and how we can help you be successful! Be sure to check out the Pro Tips section as you are getting started. You should also take advantage of our Help Center, and of course, post in the community when you have a question or need support from other pros!

I know what it is like to start over coming out of a tough time - Thumbtack helped me tremendously.  I have also heard dozens of stories from pros like yourself, who have risen from hardship and found success here. You've got this!

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Re: Inspiration - Tell us your story.

My inspiration comes from my clients who love my work its instant gratification. That's why I love to paint where others dread the idea
Michael Jay Roper
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Senior Citizen Blessing

Hello to all,

All my plans for an easy retirement were washed away by the tsunamis of two divorces. I am also a Vietnam Era Veteran and found out at age 62 that I was a victim of Major Depression(aka PTSD). To deal with the depression it was suggested that I start journaling. One day as I was writing random thoughts, I stumbled into my first novel.

Between writing and the merciless English classes by my 7th and 8th teacher, Ms. Donnie, I knew good grammar and sentence structure already. Because I needed extra income to supplient my Social Security check, I began to proofread and edit other authors' manuscripts. Any errors in spelling or grammar jumped off the page and into my brain. Many folks undersand that for regular senior citizens it is a daily battle to earn enough extra money to make it through the is somewhat frightening.

I tend to be a loner, perhaps a hermit. As such I'm not a natural  'joiner', but I am learning that I have joined, by default, groups of artists that put me at ease by accepting me without prejudice. (I fear I am getting to wordy with this intro. I will close by saying thank you all for accepting me into the community.)2014-09-26 21.11.32.jpgRon Knight.jpgSgt Ron Knight_.jpgOld picture of Airman 1st Class, KnightMy Business Card.jpgMy business cardThumbtack Top Pro 2016.jpgThumbtack Designation