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Community Manager DustiO
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Inspiration - Tell us your story.

The most amazing part of my job? The stories I hear of other pros who have overcome great odds to find success.

I started my cake business after my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and I realized I might have to be the one to support our (then very small) two children. My family has always been my driving force.

What have you had to overcome? What inspires you? I believe our stories are the most powerful tool we have to propel ourselves forward. Tell me yours.

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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Inspiration

What brought you to Thumbtack? How has it changed your business? Tell me your story.

TackMaster MicMell

Re: Inspiration

On October 2, 2015, I found myself in an interesting position: My rent was not paid, I had a few days of food, $70, and no plan.

So I gave Thumbtack my last 70 dollars. Well, that's not entirely true. I invested my last 70 dollars into marketing my business on Thumbtack. Well, let me tell you, no amount of beehive hair or cliches can change the fact that I signed 5 clients in October 2015.

I turned that 70 dollars into a viable business. And I have done some of the coolest gigs of my life with clients I met through Thumbtack.

Finding clients isn't easy, and it ain't cheap. But I'll tell ya, I've made significantly more than I've spent on this Thumbtack thing.

May you find more success than I have! Smiley Happy

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Inspiration

@MicMell You never cease to amaze! Thanks for chiming in. I love your story.

Level 4

Re: Inspiration

I can relate. Way to capitalize by rolling the dice. Keep it up!
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Re: Inspiration

Moderator Jordan

Re: Inspiration

This. Is. Awesome. Happy you took a chance on Thumbtack and congrats on all the success Smiley Very Happy



Level 4

Re: Inspiration

Hello, my name is Andre Sessions from Omaha, NE. I was a marketing consultant for Dex Media for a decade (top sales) helping businesses grow. We all know how corporate can be & it was time to go! In 2011, I was hired as a sales manager with another company. After 1 month they were shut down by the IRS! I was out of a job and knew I had to do something immediately. One of my brothers had recently moved back to Omaha from Florida and was a property manager & asked if I've ever thought about cleaning. Well, I did a demo at one of their apartments with products I had at home. The VP loved it so much, she gave me 9 properties to handle. In 2014 I accidentally came across thumbtack, invested a few dollars & never have looked back. THANK YOU MARCO & TEAM!!! I now have a Nationwide company who wants me to become a franchise owner but I'm undecided due to my own individual success. However, business slows down periodically in this industry, so I am contemplating at the moment. Thanks again!!!
Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Inspiration

@Andre This is so great! I love this so much. There is something so magical about breaking away from that corporate life and striking out o your own. I'm so happy that Thumbtack helped make that happen!

Level 7

Re: Inspiration


I have been taking care of my Mom for 10 years, and she passed away in 2014. I lost my Dad after she has a stroke to her right side of her brain, 6 months, with both of them gone now. I felt lost. I have a husband and 3 sons that help me care for her.  I became emptiness about the time that she passed. My sons going off to College and getting jobs, moving out. It just being my husband and me. 

I need a new chapter in my life. My parents are gone left this hole that I can explain. I start to pray and we search for myself. I got hurt on the job in August of 1998. I work for the Delta Globe as Lead, was out cleaning the planes with other workers. I put a trash bag that had water, coffee, ice in it. For you to understand the waste bags in metal and 20 inches wide and goes to my waist. I didn't catch it until I pull it. I felt a pick in the back. I drunk out the liquid with the plane open. Flight Attendant isn't supposed to do this. They are to pour it down the sink in the bathroom. I felt like the energizer bunny with my batteries dying as I finished my job. At the end of the shift, I couldn't walk.  They took me to the hospital. That was the end of my job. Soon after surgery, they fired me. I have been through years of healing. 

After so long with no work, I took care of my Mom. I need something to do. I meet this woman on FB telling me about I decided to do that. I enjoy it cause it begins me back to my young with my parents. They travel with me every summer. My Mom motto was to Learn to Travel and Travel to Learn. She would take us to places over the US and Mexico and Canada. They are the most wonderful memories that I have with them. I love being an Independent Travel Agent. Helping my client have those memories. 

Now, What brought me to TT. I am looking for clients, with the changes in our economy. I was looking for a place to bring me, clients. A place that will listen and protect me.  I have a website on FB but those people are my friends and family. I am looking for clients outside of the circle. I am a small business owner with a hosting company that gives me all that I need to be learn and sells travel. But don't help in the advertising, that doesn't break the bank. For a small business that is hard to do in this economy. I want to be successful in my business and I think that TT can help me do that. 

Kind Regards

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