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Re: Introducing Top Pro Tips!

@LZDNVG I send out followups on days 1, 2, 3 5 and 10 after the lead is created. The saved responses is really helpful for this.

Would you suggest something different? Your insight is most welcome. 

Also, if you want to look at my profile and shoot me a DM with thoughts I would welcome all criticisms.


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Re: Introducing Top Pro Tips!


I send out responses (yet with a personalized name) weekly until they respond. I throw in a little disclaimer for them to let me know if they're no longer interested and I will no longer bother them. Sometimes if they're not interested they reply or they change it on Thumbtack that they've cancelled the project.

I've had customers I've been contacting weekly for over a year but last week alone I converted a customer I have been contacting weekly for over 13 months into a very large sale. 

Everytime, you send a message in Thumbtack it goes straight to their e-mail (as if you're sending them an e-mail), so I see all leads through thumbtack as a "hot lead". ESPECIALLY, now with promote because they picked ME and not the other way around. I change the weekly messages up but I send out personable responses and even send them updates about my company or other valuable tips or items. I almost use it as if they are subscribed to my e-mail list. I bug them weekly until they hire me or tell me to stop and if a customer is not interested I move them to "archived" so I can keep up with current leads. Around 1/3 of my sales on Thumbtack are people who ghosted me at first and I believe I'd never those sales unless I contacted them weekly. Yes, it takes some time, but it's well worth the payout.

Thumbtack is lead generation but how we handle the leads is on us. Them contacting me gives me a license to hound them weekly for a sale until they tell me not to. For some, it works, and that is what sales is all about!

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Re: Introducing Top Pro Tips!

The reason not to contact everyone regularly is that TT will not allow it. Not at least until you have been contacted once via a reply and paid for that reply from the customers. I have seen customers contract 17 pros. Many contact EVERY Pro that sends a quote. I must rank "ZERO" because thankfully I get ZERO replies from customers. (I must have leprosy.)

I do not get replies.

I do not get jobs.

I do not get reviews.

TT is a dead end.

And TT will not let me send follow-up messages.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: Introducing Top Pro Tips!


Well, you get what you pay for. You’re not going to get a lead you don’t pay for on a lead generation site. That’s how the business works. If you want free lead generation you’ll have to start generating the leads yourself.
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Re: Introducing Top Pro Tips!

Very true. However, on all of my other lead generation sites, I at least receive their email and/or phone number/wedding website in addition, so that I can get them into my email funnel. With Thumbtack I pay a lot for a lead and can’t guarantee that they are getting my messages or not. At least email through a CRM or email marketing site can track it and I can reach out in secondary ways.

It would be great if Thumbtack offered something else in this regard. My buyer persona is typically younger and does not check their email normally. So having other options would be great!
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Re: Introducing Top Pro Tips!

For some reason this posted twice!
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