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Thumbtack Employee AlexL
Thumbtack Employee

Introducing our communities to yours

Hello Pro Community!

My name is Alex and I lead our diversity and inclusion program at Thumbtack. Essentially my job is to partner with different teams across the company to integrate principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the way we operate. The end goal is simple: help everyone feel like they belong.

Thumbtack’s mission is to help everyone do life’s work with joy and purpose. And frankly, it can be difficult to do this work if we don’t feel seen or understood. We believe it’s essential to support and celebrate people of all backgrounds, and this philosophy extends to our Pro Community. 

Within our offices, we invest in 8 our employee resource groups (ERGs), which are identity-based communities that help us foster that sense of belonging. ERGs are typically comprised of people from underrepresented and/or marginalized backgrounds, but anyone is welcome to join as an ally.

Today, we have 8 ERGs:

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 10.55.42 AM.png

We’ve learned quickly that our ERGs love connecting with pros who share their identities, cultures, and lived experiences. If you’ve had the opportunity to attend one of our Affinity Dinners around the country, you might have met some of the Thumbtack team members who lead our ERGs. I had the privilege of attending a dinner for LGBTQIA pros in San Francisco, and it was amazing to see LGBTQIA entrepreneurs and allies sharing stories and laughter over dinner.

In the spirit of the Affinity Dinners, we want to bring these types of connections into the online Pro Community. So beginning next week, you’ll start seeing posts from our ERGs about a variety of topics, starting with TackVets and Proudtacks. I can safely say that our team is very excited to kick this off. Smiley Happy

Looking forward to collaborating with all of you to ensure Thumbtack is an inclusive place for all!

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Re: Introducing our communities to yours

@AlexL Would a GenXTack be in the future?

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