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Re: Is Thumbtack now soliciting with Robo-calls?


Please explain a bit more of this notification. I'm confused as to why other Pro's services are being sent to Pros? Is this the way Thumbtack is heading for the future?

DJ Stevie 5-10-2019

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Is Thumbtack now soliciting with Robo-calls?

@DJStevie this notification is getting sent to customers through the customer app, not pros. 

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Re: Is Thumbtack now soliciting with Robo-calls?

I guess that sounds like a reasonable ad campaign... It would be so much better if the ad was asking husbands to hire a designer to bless their wife with a new custom home design for mother's day... Which would you rather have Meckell?  Smiley Happy

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