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Is the term 'competition' the most accurate description for other pros?

Hello all,

When I look at who my competition is I feel bad that it says "competition". We all are here to find lead, gig, work, seek a job and competition is far from a good way to describe my fellow Thumbtackians. May it read "Clients other chooses". I may sound sensitive to some but I'm sure others feel like I do. I'm not in competition with the next man or woman. I believe this community of "Self Made" people want the best for each other and present to customers something unique that gets them the lead in the end. 


Thanks to all who read it and I hope they think of changing this.



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Re: Why competition?

If you don't want to 'compete' for work, then you've got an interesting way of thinking.

Business ALWAYS competes to get the customer. That's what advertising/marketing is all about.

Dare I ask how old you are, and how long you've been in business/working?

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Re: Why competition?

I've always thought differently...The best person for the gig always gets the job. I'm only saying to change the words.

I'm 42, 20 years in the music business, and I never worried about the competition. Because when you have a product that you know for sure is needed. You don't have to advertise/market that I'm better but that my product is needed or I'm better.

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Re: Why competition?

I totally agree with you. I understand that we are trying to secure jobs in the same field as other service providers but I have benefited more from befriending my industries other service providers. I have both given and received jobs when I was too busy. I have exchanged best business practices and newest cleaning techniques. I have even loaned out and borrowed equipment in times of need from my "competition". I think networking with in your field is far more beneficial then treating your "rival" companies as enemies.