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Leads have dried up recently. As in, no leads at all.

I have been a consistent Thumbtack user for about two years now, and have had a fair amount of success. I have 50 reviews, and a rating of 4.9.

With that said, it has been over two weeks since I have received any leads at all. We're talking hard stop. Did something change? Anybody else experience something like this?

I did stop my wedding promotion, because I use Wedding Wire and, quite frankly, I get less but far more lucrative business from there. But, my portrait leads are nonexistent. Last summer that was my bread and butter, and now nothing.

What's going on?

See my insights below. That's 129 views the last week of June, and just 16 so far this week.


Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 9.53.44 PM.png

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Re: Leads have dried up recently. As in, no leads at all.

Oh I use promote and I’ve gotten tremendous results, but something changed and now I’m not getting views. I see my starting prices are higher than most, so maybe that has something to do with it. July is also a traditionally slow month, but not this slow.

We shall see.
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Re: Leads have dried up recently. As in, no leads at all.

@PhilFischPhoto I'm sorry to hear that this is happening. I just did a search for a portrait photographer in your area and you are showing up pretty high on the list. So good news, customers are indeed seeing you! You mentioned that July is a slow month, and I'm thinking that's what's going on here. I am seeing a couple of Portrait Photography jobs in your Jobs tab, so I would recommend keeping an eye on that and quoting on jobs there. Definitely keep us in the loop if you continue to see this being a trend! 

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