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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Look back on Community meet-ups in June!

June has been a whirlwind of meet-ups within our pro community. We kicked off the month with a big pro event in Atlanta and then had the pleasure of meeting with pros on 8 other occasions.

We hosted meet-ups in partnership with some of our TackMasters, to celebrate Women on Thumbtack, Events Pros, Home Pros, and Top Pros in Atlanta. We hosted Pride month dinners in San Francisco and Atlanta. Meet-ups in Columbus, GA and Savannah, GA. And we hosted two meet-ups with our category management team to talk about category specific feedback with our pros in both Home and Events categories.

As a Community team, we are incredibly excited to help execute these meet-ups, celebrating the beautiful diversity of Thumbtack and our pros, and to bring our pros' voices to Thumbtack. We are also thrilled to see all of the many meaningful connections that are made between our pros. 

Here's to meeting many more of you as we move forward! And a huge #LoveIt to our TackMasters @MicMell@goodforkcaterer@jbelden and our other pro partners @lettiedawson@nikkicancook@PatriciaN and everyone else who made all of these meet-ups a success.

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Re: Look back on Community meet-ups in June!

This was such a fun event! I loved meeting everyone and hope there are more opportunities to get together in the future!

TackMaster goodforkcaterer

Re: Look back on Community meet-ups in June!

Amazing events here in Atlanta and the THUMBTACK pop-up store front is the best! I'll be there one more time before it ships out! Thank you...

Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Look back on Community meet-ups in June!

@goodforkcaterer @PatriciaN We are so lucky to have pros like you!!!

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