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Make Week: Invoices & Receipts

Someone posted in the Facebook group about TT offering Invoices & Receipts.

Have you surveyed the Pro Population about this? I don't desire or need it, I already have it covered. I'm sure most experienced Pro's out there...also have Internet billing covered. 

Granted; I'm not the boss: But as a Pro with 400+ hires, and 6+ years time.  I am saying do not kill yourself to create a feature I will never use.

If TT corporate has done a survey, and tens of thousands of Pro's are clamoring for this...sure.   But I administrate an unofficial Facebook group of 1,900 TT Pro' one is complaining that TT does not offer billing and invoicing.


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Re: Make Week: Invoices & Receipts

@ReeseTee thanks for sharing your point of view on this. I think it’s worth noting the article where this idea is highlighted has it listed as one of the author's favorites and is by no means guaranteed to be implemented. As with any updates we do our diligence to be sure what the overall demand or impact will be for all pros.

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