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Hey fellow Thumbtack pros! If you were to have the opportunity to meet up with other Thumbtack pros in your local community, would you be in to that? 

I know being a small business owner can feel pretty isolating and the idea of meeting other like-minded people in my area is very appealing to me. I love the idea of getting to know new people, and sharing tips for success both on and off of our platform. I believe in making each other better and that sharing our wisdom makes everyone better.

What are some thoughts you have on good meet-ups? Coffees, lunches, cocktail parties, photoshoots, etc.?

Let's hear them. 

Hopefully in the future I will get to see some of your faces in real life!

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Re: Meet-ups

I really want this to happen and cannot wait to be a host or "ambassador" if that is what it ends up being called! We have so many ideas for meetings/gatherings that I think will be really fun but also very beneficial for networking with other pros...

I really like the idea of community outreach programs centered around pros coming together and doing something for the betterment of the local community. For example, we are trying to help a local Humane Society expand their kennel sizes. It started out with me wanting to do a chair drive for the pups to make the kennels more comfortable for them. I then found out that the kennels were too small and that they are working on fixing that. It would be amazing if I could network with some construction pros, landscaping pros, fencing pros, etc. that could help in the completion of this project. Just one idea of many tumbling around on the ol' hamster wheel...

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Re: Meet-ups

@ChefPaulStaley I love this idea SO MUCH!
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Re: Meet-ups

Great idea, I'd be interested in participating or occasionally hosting Smiley Happy