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Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

What were your totals for April? I want to know how other Top Pros are doing. I spent $216 with TT - 17 leads over three service categories I offer. 7 ghosted me - 1 posted twice and contact 14 pros between the two posts. I booked two customers for $600 total for the month. Two years ago - I’d spend $80 and book 6-7 a month. I had zero leads for event videographer last week. Zero! I’m a Top Pro and show up in the top 5. Really? Zero leads for event videographer? I’d like other pros to post their April totals for me. I need to learn directly from you to see how I compare. I don’t understand how one is to believe how great this new system is when the results have been twice as costly and dreadful. Numbers don’t lie. When I started TT over 4 years ago - immediately successful. Now - still struggling months into this. Please fellow pros - Id like to see your April numbers. Thank You.
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Re: Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

Same thing @jcp , TopPro #1 search rank. For April...

Views: 414, Profile Views: 78, Leads: 1, Spent: $8.

The one lead I received in April contacted two other Pros in addition to me. That one lead didn't hire any Pro and they ghosted me. I requested a refund using the new automated refund process - my refund request was refused.

In addition, for the whole of April I only saw 3 jobs total in my Jobs tab. I quoted on all 3 and was ghosted by all of them. One of jobs did hire another Pro, the remaining two jobs didn't hire any Pro.

These monthly stats have been par for the course since the introduction of the new system. Roughly 400-500 views a month, 60-80 profile views, 1-3 leads.

Hope you have better luck next month @jcp.


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Re: Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

@jcp  No longer a Top Pro as of the last cycle because I no longer receive any leads (and I use Promote).  Nonetheless, the last time I checked, I ranked #3 in Dallas.

Here are my April stats:

357 Listing Views

51 Profile Views

ZERO leads

YTD, I've had a total of three leads from Thumbtack totalling about $19 on my end (all with Promote).  And each "lead" ghosted me.  I used to pay about $200/month in leads prior to Instant Match & Promote.  And I was getting hires left and right.  From $200/month to less than $5/month.  I'll say it again: it's just a shame.

I check my competitors as well and they're not getting any hires neither.  And these are also 5-star folks like me.  I miss the old Thumbtack. Smiley Sad

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Re: Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

@RCPS thank you so much for responding. I feel ya! And I think a lot more are experiencing the same. When we communicate with each other rather than just what we are hearing from customer support - it has more of an impact and helps guide us in our business venture. It is truly shameful and I miss the success if booking left and right. I never had people not respond to me before. It’s not me - and it’s not you. It’s the new system no doubt. Numbers don’t lie. Hang in there - keep doing what you love - the universe has a way for us! Smiley Happy))
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Re: Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

I am experiencing the same thing. I used to spend an average of $100 - $150 per week for leads. The last few week I have spent $0 and I am no longer a Top Pro becuase I can not get any work. This is very sad.

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Re: Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

Same here, ZERO leads in weeks.

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Re: Monthly Totals - what are your numbers?

Glad to know I'm not alone here. Haven't gone over my exact spending but I've been in well over $200 - $300 the last couple of months and gotten very little traction. Despite top pro status (which I'm probably going to end up losing) and a perfect 5 star rating. Thumbtack really did used to value the pros
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