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Mother's Day!

I love my job. I say it all the time. 

I believe in what we do here - at Thumbtack, and as a Community Team. Meeting our pros, bringing them together, hearing their stories, taking part in their journey - is meaningful work. It makes it easy to work hard.

But the biggest motivator for me, to work hard --- my children. Not only do I work hard to provide a good life for them, but I am setting an example - that they can harness their talents and find work that truly fulfills them.

With Mother's Day this weekend, it gets me thinking.... Being a mom to two teenagers with crazy schedules, while working long hours and traveling, can be extremely challenging - and I wouldn't do it for just any job. I have to be very deliberate about finding time for my family, and also for myself. It doesn't have to be anything major - small moments here and there when we can find them.

  • I get manicures with my daughter, take her driving (she's about to get her license), go on hikes with her, visit museums, I've taken her on work trips with me, and sometimes she comes to my office for the day to hang out.
  • My son and I have regular movie nights, go to the park to play basketball, visit the planetarium, take the dog for walks, talk about his latest game creations, build legos, bake cookies, and he loves to come grocery shopping with me.
  • I make sure to schedule an annual road trip with just me and my kids every July - we all look forward to it every year. They're such great little humans.
  • And I make sure to set aside time for myself - I get massages, go to a movie, binge-watch Netflix, make my favorite tea and read, go for a run, cook a new food I've been wanting to try, or just go for a drive with some good music.

What tips and tricks do you have for other working moms (or dads)? What do you guys do to celebrate yourselves or give yourselves a break? How will you celebrate Mother's Day this year?

I'm going on a hike and BBQing with these crazies. I'm pretty lucky.


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Re: Mother's Day!

@Guatamama@jbelden@LZDNVG@goodforkcaterer@Ksphoto, What do you guys do to celebrate Mother's day? Or just to even celebrate your amazing selves?!

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Re: Mother's Day!

I let others love on me for the day! Mmmmmm....its the best feeling ever 💖.

Re: Mother's Day!

I hope all of you amazing moms out there had a fantastic Mother's Day!