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My Post removed

Good morning


Why does thumbbtack remove posts that are not bad when us customers are standing up for what's right?   We are paying more on the leads that do not even pan out than anything, how is a small ma and pa business to stay above water?  Thumbtack used to be awesome , 

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Re: My Post removed

Good morning @Kristilynn69. We will only remove or edit posts if they violate our Community Guidelines in any way. We want you all to post your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions, however, we just ask that it stays constructive. Let me know if you have any further questions. 

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Re: My Post removed

You only remove posts that violate community guidelines? Then why was my new post deleted?

It had a similar title to a previous post, but the content was completely new. What gives?


Re: My Post removed

@jasongarrison as the Community Guidelines mention a post is up for removal if it is duplicated. The post had the same title and subject. I've done my best to help and respond to the original and I apologize again for the delay there.

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Re: My Post removed

Again, same title, entirley new content. Didnt you actually read it before clicking the delete button?

Deleted post

I just submitted a post asking if anyone else gets charged for a bunch of illegitimate quotes on sunday night, in the last few hours before TT charges our cards.

The post has been deleted. In my profile it shows i made the post, but its nowhere to be found in these forums.

Did I hit a nerve or what?

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Re: Deleted post

I was going to comment on your previous post, but a red message popped saying I wasnt authorized to comment. Maybe because I've been vocal about the stupid changes and constantly reaching out to reps to get answers and try to have my issues/concerns taken care of?

Re: Deleted post


Thanks for replying, and your reply is timely too. I just submitted another post about possibly being blacklisted for complaining to TT.

Thanks for validating Im not the only pro suspicious of this.


Re: Deleted post

@jasongarrison I've sent you a direct message about this and have responded to your original post on the subject. Thanks for your contribution and I apologize for the delayed response.

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🤔 ...wondering why my post got deleted?

Just posted last night about TT’s change of pricing and lack of notice about it... Racking up $80-100 in fees @$20 from each pro contacted is an amazing business model considering I am forced to pay that much just to text someone? For a job that would hopefully generate $40 in revenue? 

Paying HALF of a job’s total potential revenue just to text someone is not a business decision that i would make. Certainly not willingly or knowingly.

Why didn’t TT make us aware of the triple-quadrupling of fees?

And why was my last post regarding this DELETED?