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Re: My Post removed

Kristilynn, the operant word there is "USED to BE". 

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Re: My Post removed

YOU'VE GOT To Be KIDDING ! Would Someone Please like to Tell me WHY My Post was Removed??? What Happened to the Free and Open Exchange of Ideas ??? 

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Re: My Post removed


Don't feel bad. I've had quite a few posts/comments deleted because "it violated the guidelines". I totally agree with you of Free and Open Exchange of Ideas. As Pros in this Forum, I thought we are supposed to help other Pros. But because of possible deletion of comments/posts, I don't comment as much as I did in previous months.


I guess Thumbtack is not fond of criticism as my last post has now disappeared after I received a private message from Kameron implying I was being too critical. I had just asked the community if others were receiving Leads under the Promote option that are not anywhere near where you have your travel area set? I received, and was charged, for Leads from Indiana and Ohio when I clearly have my profile set up for Southern California.

Moderator Kameron


@WInvestigative apologies for the misunderstanding. As I mentioned in my direct message to you, your post had one sentence removed that violated guidelines while the rest of it remained intact HERE. I've also responded there as well so we can begin to look into things. I look forward to your direct message.

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